Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ah, dreams

Patrick, of Patrick's Place, linked to THIS ARTICLE telling the most common dreams people have. That got me thinking back to recurring dreams I used to have. I never seem to have the recurring kind, these days.
Number four on the list is one I had many times when I was in high school: I'd go to the bus stop, get on the bus, get all the way to school and go inside to my classroom... and suddenly realize I didn't have any clothes on! Of course I'd wake from this dream disturbed and embarrassed until I got totally awake; then it struck me funny that I'd make it all the way to school without somebody pointing out that I had forgotten to put my clothes on.

Number two on the list, falling, is a dream I often had when I was younger, perhaps from the time I was four until I was eight or ten. Several times I'd fall for what seemed like ten minutes, terrified; then I'd wake up on the floor. I had fallen out of bed.

As a teenager I often dreamed I was walking along a street or sidewalk; I'd see a nickel laying on the ground, pick it up, and soon there was a quarter. Then several coins, and then paper money. The amounts always got greater as the dream progressed. What a disappointment to wake up from that one. This one didn't make the list; maybe it's not a common one.

The number one dream, that of being chased, only plagued me for a brief spell after going with my mom to see "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein". In this dream, I was chased through tunnels by skeletons. Good grief, no wonder that one scared me; I would only have been four or five years old when it was in the theaters.

Have any of you ever had recurring dreams? Have you had any similar to mine?


Tango said...

I used to dream about numbers. The larger they go the more scared I became. I would wake up screaming....then my Mom banned me from watching Dark Shadows. :(

Donna said...

Dark Shadows! I watched that the summer after I was married. I was pregnant with my son, and the show got so creepy I quit watching it. Didn't want to "mark the baby", you know.

Tango said... mother in-law forbade be to watch King Kong when the colorized version was released. I watched it anyway. After T-Jay was born she would come by everyday to massage his face because she thought his nose was too flat due to me watching that movie.

Pat said...

My recurring dreams is that I am always in public restrooms and the toilets are overflowing. I have told my older sister many times that "I dreamed about a public restroom last night and the toilets were overflowing". Another is I am taking a test and did not study. Oh yea, another one, I am at the dentist's office and I forgot to brush my teeth. I think that's all of them!! LOL P~

Anita said...

I still remember a dream about finding coins buried in the ground. Everytime I picked up a few, there were more. Someone else came along, so I had to pick even faster so that I'd get my share...after all it was my discovery.
To this day, it's hard to accept that it was only a dream because it was so vivid.
I guess this dream is similar to yours.
But mostly, I never remember my dreams.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I still occasionally dream about finding an old abandoned house with all the furnishings in it, as if the people just walked away from it one day and never came back. I go through the dressers, find old jewelry, china and all sorts of treasures. Well, treasures to me, anyway. I never seem to get home with any of it before I wake up, though.

And I used to dream about driving in car off where a bridge should be, but isn't. I'd wake up in a panic, with my heart beating ninety to nothing and panting like a longshoreman. Haven't had that one in a while, thank the Lord.

Paula said...

I rarely dream and when I do I don't remember them for long.

Sheila said...

I had a recurring dream of a big hairy monster chasing me out of the woods across from our house. I would climb up the bank into our yard and then fall about halfway to the house and couldn't get back up and run. I would wake up before he caught me. But finally one night I followed him to his house and looked in the window and he was sitting in a chair watching TV, I wasn't scared after that and didn't have the dream any more.

madcobug said...

I used to have recurring dreams but don't anymore. One was where I went to work wearing my old shoes I wore around home. I actually never did that though. One was really a doozy. I would dream that I hunted all over the cemetery where my babies were born and could not find their graves because the road had been changed. This went on for years. Finally a road was cut right through the edge of the cemetery pretty close to the graves so the cemetery could expand but there would access to both side. After I saw the road those dreams stopped, Strange.
There were more that I remember happening over and over. Most of them came true eventually and I would quit dreaming them. Helen

Lindie said...

Falling dreams always wake me up with a jerk! My most recurring dream was after my father died of a heart attack. I dreamt every night that I was there and got him to the hospital in time. Then I would wake up devastated again. And after my mother died I dreamt the same dream about her.

Penny said...

My most recurrent dreams are those where there is a desperate situation. We are being chased, or I am chasing. They seem so real, always involving my children and something evil. I wake with a start, disoriented. It's been over a year since I've had one. I did have my most memorable dream in the mid-80's. To this day the details are strong. I won't tell it all, but it ended with me chopping up my ex-husband and putting his body parts under the floor-boards. I woke that morning sure that the police were on the way.