Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now I have my music where I want it

I don't want it sitting on the desk, though; but it'll be OK there until I come across a table that's just the proper size. Then it will be to the right of my computer desk. I have it facing away from the computer because I'll often be in the other room when it's on.
In a comment, Lefty got me thinking about those jewel boxes that CDs come in; I think he has a point, so I'll look for some kind of storage that accommodates the cases as well as the CDs. I don't have a huge collection, and I've already thrown away many of the cases to CDs that are in albums in the car. It shouldn't be too difficult to find some way of storing the ones I have in the house without taking up too much precious space.
I've been having a blast on Facebook: There's this thing going around where lots of us are posting pictures of ourselves as babies or youngsters and using that as our profile picture for awhile. It's so much fun seeing what my Facebook friends looked like when they were kids.


madcobug said...

We have one of those plastic cd & case holders. Then a turntable then just a decorated box with a lid, but most of those have my pictures on them, since then I have got a external hard drive to put my pictues on. Helen

Hyperblogal said...

Barney Fife, cows and Santa.... you're okay in my book.

Donna said...

You got it, Hyperblogal. Now you know all of my weaknesses. I leave my Christmas plates hanging throughout January. I'm really going to miss old Santa when I put the plates away.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Donna, if space is really and issue, you can buy paper sleeves for your CD's and DVD's, somewhat like the ones that albums used to come in inside the cardboard album cover. I bought mine at Walmart, 50 to a pack, Memorex brand. They have a cellophane window on one side so you can read the CD label without having to take the disks out of the sleeves. I think I paid around $5 for the ones I got. They take up a LOT less space than the jewel covers or the original CD cases.

If you're really interested I can take a pic of mine and email it to you. Just shoot me an email or message me on Facebook.