Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

Cliff has been ecstatic that, after this long spell of frigid weather, no pipes have frozen... either here at the trailer house or over at the old house where his sister lives. Yesterday she came over to eat hamburger soup with us, and I mentioned to her that the only thing in the old house that has ever frozen is the bathtub drain.
She got in the shower last night, and guess what?
Yep, the bathtub drain was frozen. We are rather surprised that this happened, since there's such a deep snow cover on the ground.
So today, Cliff and I will be trying to fix that little problem. It still beats water pipes freezing and bursting, though; my part in "fixing the problem" will mainly be standing around just in case Cliff needs a hand with something.
Have you ever done something that cost a fee and, the minute you got it done, a light-bulb moment happened and you said, "Oh no, why didn't I just do this?"
I called India this morning (I think that was the place) to talk to a Linksys support guy and get my wireless network secured; at some point in the conversation, he told me that since it had been more than six months since I bought my router, there would be a fee of $39 for his help. Hey, it was worth that to me, so I got out the credit card. My Internet is now password protected.
I no sooner got off the phone when it hit me that I could have bought a new router for less than $39, and I would have had free support. Duh.
Anyway, I can quit worrying about that now, thanks to the reader who mentioned in comments that she had called the manufacturer for help a couple of times.
At some point after we (hopefully) get the sister-in-law's drain thawed, I intend to take Sadie for a walk in the pasture. There are some deep drifts, but we'll manage!


Pamela said...

My son got a router for Xmas. He made up a password when he installed it. I have no idea what it is...? Guess I'd better find out, huh? Good luck with the drain. Stay warm!

madcobug said...

You have been awful lucky pipes haven't frozen. Ours was almost frozen this morning, just a small stream running. I ran it a while then left each faucet dripping a little then it finally opened up and now the temp has risen. We use Linsky also and a couple of years ago someone hacked into it, we also called them and made it secure and they messed up all three computers and now we can't share a printer. No one not even Linsky or the manufactures of printers or computers can fix it. So we bought an extra printer for Ken. If I want to print from the laptop I just send the message through my email to my desktop and print it from there. It is downright aggravating. Have a good walk with Sadie. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I just changed to the internet that you can get through verison (the cell phone people). It plugs into your computer and you can take it where ever you go. The cost is a little less than my cable internet but not much. But I'll be able to use the laptop at the campground with no problems. It plugs in at home and the desk top and I can take it with me. I never ask if it was protected. Guess I should find out.
Take care walking in those deep drifts.

Rachel said...

Frozen pipes are no fun. I hope Cliff gets the job done easily with no problems!

I like your new daybed with the pretty quilt on it!

I loved your winter cartoons!! Cute!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Love the daybed and the quilt but, more than that, I adore the crib headboard on the wall...LOVE that!! The daybed is going to work like a charm...good for you!

We are trying so hard to keep things from freezing....we're letting the water run 24/7. Our water bill is going to skyrocket but it would be cheaper than a plumber of course. I'm so anxious about it freezing that it's driving hubby crazy. Frettin' my life away. ugh And I know better.

Paula said...

I think this is the first year here I have felt I needed to drip my faucet so many nights in a row.I ain't liking it too much.

Lori said...

Glad you're all password protected now!