Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Bloggies

Not that any of us need more blogs to read, but I thought I'd mention the Bloggie awards just in case you want to spread your wings. It's how I discovered Pioneer Woman, in a roundabout way. Someone said to go vote for her there, I started reading. Boy, has she come a long way since then; I used to actually comment there, before she began getting so many comments I figured I'd get lost in the shuffle.
The way they have the site set up, you have to scroll across to see the categories. I'm not too worried about voting, but there are blogs in various categories that I'll check out. Oh, of course I voted for PW in the "Best writing of a weblog" category, and for Coal Creek Farm in the "best-kept secret" category. There used to be a religious blog category, but evidently they've done away with that one; I wanted to vote for Sister Mary Martha.

So if your interested, go on over to the Bloggies. Browse the blogs, vote if you feel like it.

Just remember to scroll across; it took me about three days to figure out why I couldn't see the blogs to vote for! They're over on the right, out of sight.


Lindie said...

I already voted, I should have waited until I read some new blogs! I found a good one in Tasmania, 2 in fact, another mother and daughter! And i found a Canadian who had moved with her husband to Saudi for "deen". and several others which I know I will continue to read.

Tango said...

Thanks Donna. Bloggies has entertained me all morning. :)

Anita said...

Heading right over.

Midlife Mom said...

I went over and read quite a few of Coal Creek Farm. She's a hoot!