Saturday, January 02, 2010

A nice New Year's Day

Granddaughter Amber came to visit New Year's Eve and spent the night. She brought her Wii, in case anybody wanted to play with it. New Year's Day I fixed a double-batch of Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti, except I guess it was really turkey spaghetti, since I used the last of the holiday turkey from the freezer. It must have been OK, because there was only about one serving left when all was said and done. And I had that for supper. Now Cliff and I are going to make a genuine attempt to get back on track with our eating (no, that is NOT a New Year's resolution).
The Wii was tremendous fun; Cliff and his sister both got in on the action. I had a good time watching everybody else; I've humiliated myself enough in my life with sports to try anything like this in front of an audience. I'm pretty sure we're going to be buying a Wii of our own before long.
My favorite entertainment of the day was my great-granddaughter, Kameron. She just turned one and is very near walking, but she still enjoys sitting on a lap; I worked for years in the Church nursery, and I know most toddlers prefer to be on the floor getting into things. So it's a pleasure to have a little lap rat in the house. She's happy to come to me, but as soon as I get her, she starts reaching toward the kitchen, wanting me to carry her in there. She's figured out I am the person most likely to slip her a bite of squash bread or pie, or dole out handfuls of Cheerios, or feed her a banana.

Rachel, my daughter, was joining in the Wii fun while holding her granddaughter, and Kammie dozed off, unfazed by all the laughter in the room.

But then I took this picture and the flash woke her up.

Isn't that the cutest case of bed-head you've ever seen? She'd had an hour-long lap-nap, so she was ready to entertain us again once she was fully awake.

I may be the last person in the world to have found these sites, but I'll pass them along just in case somebody else hasn't discovered them.
Deb, a blogger friend, mentioned them on Facebook; I think I may be using them quite a bit to watch full-length movies and TV episodes on your computer. Hulu and Fancast. There's another one, TVPC, which doesn't work unless you have Windows, which I don't. Check those out; they might save you some money spent on renting DVD's. I wish there were a way to watch them on TV. That wouldn't help Cliff, though; he has to have captions to enjoy any sort of programming.
It's three below zero here with a wind chill of minus fifteen. Brrr.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. Kameron is such a cutie, hard to believe that Rachael is her Grandma. Prayers and positive thoughts for Kody. Keep warm! Vicki

Sonya said...

Ok that recipe looked so good that I have printed it out. We already have the chicken in the freezer so a few ingredients and we'll have it. I expect it'll be next weekend but it sure looks good. I am now following her on Twitter and a fan on Facebook. I would love to have that recipe book but have so many recipe books and forget about them. Thanks for sharing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That baby is adorable and I think watching them is great entertainment too. I've watched bits and pieces on Hulu but haven't actually watched a movie there yet. I'll have to try it sometime. I found out about it when the presidential election was going on this past year. We don't have a TV at work but I found I can watch some programs on the computer. I'm still working my way though scads of Christmas goodies here at my house. So no healthy eating being done here at all. Lots of people are doing exercises now with the Wii too. If you get one you'll probably enjoy it. 2 of my babes have them.

madcobug said...

Sorry I stayed on your site so long. I had to take off into the kitchen and forgot to come back. Would you mind sending me that site that shows who and how long they stayed on your blog? I don't think it shows anywhere on your blog. Thanks for posting those movie sites. I will send them on to Ken. Your
Ggrandaughter is so cute, great pictures. Helen

MissKris said...

Just one question...does Pioneer Woman ever find time to comment on anyone else's blog??? Mercy, I just checked out this recipe and she had comments in the hundreds! She is one BUSY woman! Loved your pictures here...sounds like a great New Year's. Happy New Year to you, Donna!

MissKris said...

P.S. I don't know what kind of library system you have where you live, but we can get just about any movie from our library. We just have to be patient because some of the more popular ones have holds on them. But Dear Hubby and I are in no hurry....

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

She is a heart-melter all right ♥ and beautiful to boot! (We think it's cold here @ 23.)