Wednesday, January 06, 2010

There are creatures near the woods

Some of them leave tiny, cute little tracks.

They dig holes in the snow. They stop when they hit the sod; there's no burrowing under the ground.

Some of them leave larger tracks, going to the same kind of hole dug in the snow.

Mighty peculiar. Two vastly different-sized animals, making the same kind of hole?

Hmmm. Squirrels, perhaps, looking for hidden nuts? There are walnut trees nearby. Many of the tiny tracks seem to lead to trees.
I don't know.


Missie said...

Some of those tracks look awefully big! LOL

Midlife Mom said...

Hummmmmm....wonder what it might be making those holes.....does Sadie dig at them?

We got home a few minutes ago and the mail was on the counter with my new autographed PW cookbook! Yippee! Thanks Donna, it is a real treasure!!

Will hopefully be doing a post tonight on Nick's surgery if I can stay awake!

madcobug said...

Some of those track when they are side by side looks like rabbit tracks. Maybe some of them have burrows under the snow. Helen

Percy Bisque Silley said...

O if Shelley comes,
Can Silley be so far behind?

Yes, Nature is fair, I especially enjoy observing Chickens in the English countryside.

Hollie said...

Interesting! Be very quiet. I'm hunting rabbits

Paula said...

Are you going to watch and wait and let us know?

Rachel said...

Great snow track photos! Looking at your weather forecasts you had on some previous posts makes it almost like spring here, but we haven't been above freezing all week! Global warming must be busy in another country right now, since most of the US is feeling the cold.

Tomorrow they say we may get a bit of snow, an inch or two for us. We shall see!

Kelly said...

Would like to see whats making the tracks! Looks like winter has come to stay for awhile at your house. Sadie looks to be having fun no matter what the weather.