Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter is getting the best of me

Forgive me for my ramblings being uninspired right now. Since Christmas, we've had snow, fog, and rain, and very little sunshine... perhaps three days' worth, all told. Yesterday the temperatures weren't bad for January, but it rained off and on the whole day. Now, any time I devote that many words on my blog to the weather, you know it's pretty bad.
On another note, Cliff starting eating properly right after the first of the year and has already lost ten pounds. I just jumped on that bandwagon last Monday, and so far I'm doing pretty well at sticking to the plan. I do avoid the word "diet", because really it's a full-time thing for us; we had just gotten side-tracked. It's so easy to eat too much of the wrong things when it's all around us, and so tasty, too.
I always cook the "good stuff" around here, my usual chicken, fish, and bean recipes. But we got on a steady down-hill run of eating out too much, not to mention the holidays. Then there's the petty side of me that sees Cliff eating everything other people cook, and thinks, "Hey, I want to cook that good stuff too! I'd rather make you nice, chewy, three-hundred-calorie brownies than make my lower-fat one-hundred-calorie ones."
And I do just that. Take THAT, you diet cheater!
Remember, I was raised as an only child, since my sister got married when I was two. So when I fix low-fat, nutritious meals all the time and then Cliff shows no restraint away from home, I throw an inner tantrum and bake a pie or two, make all the stuff I haven't been able to cook for a while (hello there, biscuits and gravy) and we're off eating like pigs again.
I'm just being honest here. Yes, I do have a dark side. I don't know how Cliff has managed to spend forty-three years with me.
When we're "eating right", we patronize Subway (too much sodium, but otherwise OK), with an occasional visit to Olive Garden for their soup, salad, and breadsticks. Or we'll split a meal at a Mexican place. No matter where you eat out, you're going to get overloaded on sodium; that's good motivation to eat at home.
We try our best to avoid buffets, for obvious reasons.
Speaking of Olive Garden, there's a new one under construction at Blue Springs! That's much closer than the one we've always patronized.
It seems like we're visiting a doctor all the time these days; we both have to go back to get prescriptions renewed next week. I can't believe three months goes by so fast! Maybe this time the nurse-practitioner will give me a prescription for a years' supply of blood pressure pills.
Yep, this is the most boring kind of entry, where I talk about nothing but weather and diets and doctor visits.
How the mighty blogger has fallen.


Tango said...

Not boring at all!! I have issues trying to stay on track too. I find it that often it is cheaper for me to eat out than to buy the ingredients to cook for myself and this is not a good thing. Hopefully growing my own food will help me stay on track. :)
Here's to sunny days coming your way!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Winter has definitely gotten to me this week. Haven't felt like doing any thing at all on my precious weekend. Just no energy at all. I applaud your efforts to eat healthy and give you and A+ for trying.

madcobug said...

I think once spring is on it way in we will all be better able to cope.
It was a cloudy windy day here yesterday, rain last night and will be thunderstorms today. Enough cold weather and nasty weather up your way to make a body feel down. Helen

Lindie said...

At least you are blogging again! This weather is disheartening! Maybe snow flurries tonight and more snow later in the week. ugh! I cook just for myself and eat out seldom, but cook too much and end us feeding a friend or my daughter's family. I get tired of eating the same food after 2 or 3 times! Was surprised to see a Chipotles in Blue Springs the other day. If I buy the burrito bowl it lasts me 3 meals!

Hollie said...

I think the weather has just about gotten the best of all of us. It's been a rainy dreary weekend here also. I can't wait until SPring arrives. I'm so ready to be outside. I think your feelings are normal as far as cooking right at home & then seeing Cliff have no control at other places. I would be the same way!

Anonymous said...

Sunshine and flowers are on their way. Just remember that. Pansies and impatiens and baby tomato and bean plants and peppers. Talking about it just makes me feel better! Hope you are feeling back to normal. Karen

Barbara said...

When all life deals you is weather, diets and doctors that leaves you very little else to write about. I know that hard cold snap we had here in Texas sure had me feeling cabin fever.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

I hear ya about the food. Due to health issues and med reactions, I'm trying to eat more healthy. And it's no fun it seems. Esp. the fish --- ack, I bought it and can't prepare it worth a dime- money just wasted. (Chicken, ground turkey, beans -- I can manage those but that's it.)

Hope you get some good weather SOON and get a ride in!

Kathy said...

I think the mighty blogger is pretty interesting! You may feel you're rambling but your rambles give us a feeling of you.

I'm working on keeping the sodium lower than usual. Here I don't cook with salt and we rarely eat prepared or frozen foods but the BP has snuck up on me and so, I'm doing my best to go even a little more sodium-less. Not free. Sorry, that's too much to ask.

Hope you've had a nice Sunday. It's been quiet here while we wait for the rain to arrive.