Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Angel Food Ministries

I have mentioned Angel Food Ministries on this blog before, and I have their link on my sidebar. It isn't a charity program for low-income families; it's for everybody. Although you pick your food up at a church, there is no proselytizing. You just pick up the food you've already paid for and go.
I have relatives and friends who get the Angel Food package every month; they rave about it. It's a way of giving your meals some variety, since somebody else is choosing the foods. Today for the first time, I finally placed my order. I was looking over the offerings for February and happened to notice that they now give the option of paying online. One thing that had previously stopped me from getting this food was that we'd have to go to Odessa twice each month: once to order, and once to pick up the goods. Now, it's just the one-time trip. There's a two-dollar charge for ordering online, but I'd say it's worth that.

Here's what I'll be getting on the last Saturday of next month, for $30. If I'm getting milk from Bonnie at that time, I'll pass the milk on to my daughter's family; we really don't need the hamburger, either; we're still eating what we had butchered. That isn't powdered milk, by the way; it's the shelf-stable kind. Angel Food ministries always has a few more processed foods than I'd like (the boneless chicken drumsticks and the pasta sauce, for instance). But as long as we eat the proper portions, we'll do OK.
Go on and try it; I dare you. Then after you've picked up your order, let me know what you think.
If you go HERE and scroll on down, you'll see there are other boxes available.
Search the locations on the site; I'm pretty sure you'll find one not too far from you.

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Midlife Mom said...

I guess I live too far out in the woods as I went to the website and there wasn't anything even close to my house. :o( Everything looks so good!!