Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New stuff to wish for, everywhere I look

I made the mistake of visiting that Hip Suburban White Guy today and saw a new toy I think I might want: The Boxee Box.
It lets you watch on your television any movies or TV episodes that are on the Internet.
This would almost do away with our need for Satellite television here; most of our favorite shows can be seen on the Internet. We used to get a great signal from all the major networks on an antenna, thanks to our location at one of the highest spots around.
I downloaded Boxee to my Mac, just to see how I like it; I can use it on my computer for now. It's supposed to be under $200 for the Boxee Box, once it goes on sale.
Cliff, if you're reading this, don't panic. I won't be ordering one any time soon.


Tango said...

Wow....interesting. I was trying to see what kind of outlet I need on the laptop. I don't have room for another monitor. :( ...but then there is the other laptop. How do you like it so far? Do you have it hooked up to your TV yet?

Donna said...

Tango, I don't have it; it isn't even on the market yet, but will be soon. I just WANT it.