Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog stuff and spammers

I notice the spammers are going to the trouble of using real people instead of "bots" to leave their junk in our comment sections, because I have word verification in place and still had an oriental spam comment this morning. This is the first time that's happened to me; I've been very happy with the word verification solution, although I wish I didn't have to use any methods that make it harder for people to comment. I also notice that some of the spammers are getting downright sneaky, leaving comments that, at first glance, appear legit. Then I'll see there's a link included in the comment, and that link is not one I would like to have here.
Here's something that has happened to me a lot, lately: I click to comment on someone else's blog and my comment does not go through the first time; I get a message in red that says, "Your request could not be processed; please try again." I click to post the comment again and sometimes it goes through, sometimes it does not. If it fails to post the second time, I am presented with word verification (which wasn't there at the beginning of my valiant effort to comment), type in the word, and my comment finally appears.
This happens several times a day. I always persist until my little blurb is officially added, but I think this might be discouraging to some folks. There are certain blogs where it always occurs. Ora's is one.
Just another of those things that make me go "Hmmm".
On a different subject, I'm trying to figure out a way to put my music system in the computer room ( spare bedroom now that I have the daybed). I spend a huge amount of time in here, and I know I'd get a lot more use from it in this room. I have it in the bedroom now, because I thought I'd turn it on at bedtime, to lull me to sleep; I've found I prefer my Grace Internet Radio for that purpose, though. The time of day when I really want to listen to the radio/CD player is in the morning; right now it's in the bedroom where Cliff is sleeping, and he doesn't get up until at least 10 A.M., thanks to the wacky shift he's working at his job.
This is such a small room, though, that I'll need a not-too-big table of some sort on which to place the radio. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for such a table. Garage sales will be starting up in a couple of months.
Oh, thanks to all the comments on my "hoarding" entry. Dee from Tennessee, I believe I'll do as you did and buy a CD "storage thingie"; perhaps an album-type one. I'll toss the jewel cases. Problem solved. "Pudge450" shared some wisdom: Katrina taught her that all that "stuff" isn't so important after all. (I do hope I'm right about saying "her"; the profile doesn't tell me much.)
Right now I'm considering the bookcase I have in my bedroom. I love each and every book therein, but how long has it been since I've read a single one of them? Trust me, it's been ages. Maybe I need to have a few book giveaways here on my blog.


Lefty said...

Personal pet peeve..separating cassettes,CDs,CVDs from their"jewel cases.:)
Case insert usually lists contents,has pic that helps you recall which of an artists albums you already have when shopping and protects the media from damage,dust,etc.
I do use a pocket album for computer CDs,but all my music media is in cases or racks in their original cases.Ie:My cassette collection is in 3 wall mounted "100" racks and CDs are in a similar "shelf or wall" stackable rack....and if ya ever thin your collection,via yardsale or ebay etc,buyers seldom buy unboxed media....Just my thoughts :)

Midlife Mom said...

We have all of our cd's in a bookcase but all the music is downloaded onto our computers or Ipods so I know what you mean about having all that extra stuff around and what do you do with it. I'm just afraid my computer might crash and then I'm left with nothing but I still would like to have a better system then a bookcase that is taking up room. Can't put them in the attic with all the heat in the summer, I think they would warp.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I dislike those spammers so much. I make sure I approve of a comment before it is published and would hate it if any of my readers read what some of them say. Too bad blogger can't get some kind of filter on there for us. They are getting worse where I used to have 1 once in awhile there are now several a day. I agree stuff isn't important compared to life and death and illness and health and of course our family and friends...that's a good point to make.

Astaryth said...

That's one of the few nice things about not being a 'popular' blogger, not many people find my little blog, and so I'm not very attractive to the spammers :)

If you don't want to keep the jewel cases around, here is what we do. We have two of those albums you can put CD/DVDs into. Instead of just putting the CD in I put the stuff from the case in one pocket and the CD in the one next to it. That way I have all the info (pictures, lists of songs, etc), it's easier to find the CD cause I recognize the 'cover', and it still takes up less room! I then put all of the 'extra' cases into a box which I put in the storage shed. The temp/weather doesn't affect the cases, they aren't in the house, and I still have them in case I decide to have a yard-sale or give stuff to the library or something. Since we mostly listen to the music as ripped MP3s, I can then put the albums up in a bookshelf out of the way.

My DVDs on the other hand I refuse to separate from the cases because I love how the cases look. G says they would take up a lot less room in the albums, but I like seeing the cases when I am looking for a movie :)

Toni said...

Ugh, spam. Don't like the spamming comments, don't like the faux meat. ;) Last night after I posted, I had (you guessed it) a spam response within 5 minutes. How annoying is that?! Hmfff!

Lori said...

I had that same spam. Irritating, isn't it? And I've had the message that my comment couldn't be processed over and over again. My books are my one indulgence. I don't have trouble getting rid of ones that I've just picked up or been given and have read once and they don't mean anything to me. But I do have book collections that give me a lot of joy.