Tuesday, January 26, 2010

morning ramblings

Saturday I got our pill-holders out to fill; the bottles of two of the three prescriptions Cliff takes were almost empty, so I called the pharmacy to order more. I received a recorded message that he was going to have to visit the doctor... there were no more refills.
That bit of information made me realize it had already been three months since our last doctor visit. Cliff argued that it couldn't be, but it was. How does three months go by so fast? I decided to go ahead and renew my blood pressure medication while we were there, and save a trip later.
Thanks to nurse-practitioners, we can always get in with very little notice, and yesterday morning I secured appointments for the two of us at 10:30. That meant Cliff had to fast, since he has to have his blood tested because he's on Lipitor. I decided to fast too, out of sympathy for him. I had two different leftover dishes we could heat up when we arrived home starving.
The nurse-practitioner listened to our hearts and lungs (and to Cliff's throat, I assume checking for clogging arteries), wrote our prescriptions (increasing my B.P. med), and sent the nurse in to collect blood from Cliff. She finished, and said cheerily, "I'll bet you're hungry; now you can go get something to eat. You know what would be good right about now? One of those great big P.T.'s tenderloins!"
Now, the thought of P.T.'s tenderloins had not entered our minds; in fact, we never go to P.T.'s. But with our stomachs empty as they were, that sounded like the best idea in the world.
At the pharmacy, we were told there would be a wait of thirty minutes for our meds, just the right amount of time for two starving people to go find something to eat.
No, we didn't have that tenderloin sandwich; oh, we discussed buying one and splitting it. But when all was said and done, we went to Subway, and came home feeling quite good about ourselves.
One more battle won.
While waiting for our sandwich to be made, I looked at the Sun Chips they had available in small bags; I picked one up, and it seemed as though there couldn't be more than five chips in there. They charge $1.30 for that? We never buy chips with our Subway sandwich, and we usually order water to drink. It saves us a fortune.
I've been buying a large bag of Sun Chips at the store and dividing the contents between ten zip-lock bags for Cliff to take in his lunch. That comes to about thirty-eight cents per serving, and he gets at least twice as many as he'd get in a small, individual bag from the machine at work, for much less money. Having them bagged up ahead of time like that prevents either of us from chowing down the whole bag, and that large bag lasts Cliff two weeks.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems it is always cheaper to buy the bigger sizes and split them up. Good for you sticking to your diet and staying away from the tenderloin.

madcobug said...

A tenderloin and biscuit would be mighty tasty about now. Helen

Lindie said...

Good for you for sticking to the right thing! But a PT tenderloin sounds sooo good! That and their onion rings! But haven't had any in years! Their tenderloins are huge!

Paula said...

I'm so hungry, haven't had breakfast or lunch and its after eleven.

Rachel said...

What kind of Sun Chips does he like? The harvest cheddar are my favorite!

Amy said...

The markup for smaller sized chips is just ridiculous, isn't it?! I've found that by dividing them into the baggies and throwing away the original packaging helps too....'cause sometimes that packing is like a blinking neon sign....

Donna said...

Cheddar is our favorite too, Rachel.