Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The last on this subject

There's certainly no way to top that last entry, so I won't even make an attempt. If you didn't read the comments left there, you should; I think you'll get a smile out of them.
Mrs. Linklater suggested I might have porn searches ending up on an entry with the word "breast" in it, but so far that hasn't happened; I checked my sitemeter. If that were to start happening, I'd simply change one of the letters in the word to an asterisk. Let's face it, though: With all the chicken recipes on the Internet, that would be a particularly unsuccessful word to use in a porn search.
I should mention that when insurance is paying for a mammoplasty, insurance chooses the size the new breasts will be, typically a "C". It's going to take some getting used to, let me tell you, after so many years of being well-endowed. I didn't know I had developed such a pot belly, since I couldn't see my belly before, looking down. Now, I can. You'd better believe I am sucking in my gut a LOT these days, as I sit at the computer.
Sugar wondered if Medicare pays for breast reduction. According to this source, indeed it will. There are guidelines, but they are the same as the ones for any insurance: Indentations in the shoulders, skin problems underneath, discomfort in the back and neck. You must need at least a pound removed, typically a double D. I know Sugar has a lot of health issues, so she might not be able to get the procedure done on that account.
I will go to the plastic surgeon Friday and get the tape removed. The stitches are the kind that absorb. He'll take an "after" picture to go with the "before" shot he took on my first visit, and hopefully I will be done with him.
Cliff did not meet the surgeon until the day of my operation, when he came in to draw a map on my chest. When he was finished and left the room, Cliff said, "What school bus did HE get off of?"

He does look like a kid, doesn't he? His nurse told me he averages doing one breast reduction per week.
I'm glad I had this done. Breast reduction has the highest satisfaction rate of any other plastic surgery, 95%. Everyone I've heard of who has had it is happy with the results.
This will probably be the last you hear on this subject.


Phelan said...

I missed yesterdays post, sorry about that. I have thought about doing it myself, I'm an F. But because of my height, it doesn't look that big.

He does look like a kid. I'm with Cliff, I would have said the same thing.

Lindie said...

Once I went to St Mary's emergency dept. when I had a concussion and my e.r. dr. was named Dr Payne and I called him Doogie. So many of them look like Doogie these days! I was one of the few patients at Truman having my ins. pay for my gastric bypass, most of the others were medicaid. But it saves everyone money in the long run when you consider how much it costs to take care of all the complications of obesity.

Sugar said...

i might check into it after i finish losing some more weight, but as you stated with all my other health problems it might not be smart for me. i know the ortho dr wouldn't do both my knees as bad as i need them, he said i might not make it off the or table. hmmm, that's why i try to not have surgeries unless no other choice. will wait & see. may just have to keep my triple double j's pulled up & tucked into a bra. :) but they do cause a lot of my mid back & neck pain, along with being raw under them sometimes.
wishing you lots of good luck, so happy things are going well for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna...well I went back into the earlier posts of your blog and the pictures of you were great...I just figured you had a great "figure"...even tho you always disparaged about it...but if you feel better from having the surgery...great...that is all that matters...and I expect a picture soon...decent with clothes that is..LOL...and that is the last of that subject from me LOLOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora....and don't lift that dog anymore!!!!