Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nice day for a motorcycle ride

Yesterday, that is. Although I wouldn't turn down another ride today, once the storm passes by.

Since Cliff got his 1855 Oliver, he's been like a man possessed, to the point that he really isn't worried about going for a cruise on the bike. Add to that the fact that there is the chance of thunderstorms in the forecast almost every single day, and let's just say it's hard to get a ride in.

Listening to the weather forecast Friday night, I said, "Cliff, we're just going to have to take our rain suits and try to sneak in a ride between rains."

I expected him to turn down the proposition, but he said, "Yeah, we could ride up to Gerald's and I could pick his brain about Oliver tractors."

My cousin Gerald is retired from farming, but he's been through a few Olivers; and although he won't admit it, he's really knowledgeable about all the tractors he's owned. He's also a genius at restoring classic cars (he won't admit that, either): his old Mercury took first place at a recent car show.

In fact, my cousin is responsible for Cliff buying the main tractors he's owned: We had a D-17 Series IV Allis Chalmers for many years, and now there's the Oliver; both of these are tractors that Cliff got to operate years ago,when he helped Gerald with his farming.

It only takes about an hour to get to Cameron, where Gerald lives. Given the fact that the skies looked like it could rain any minute, that was a long-enough ride for me. Cameron has been in the news for a few years because of a high incidence of brain tumors, and I appreciate the advice of a nurse on my Facebook list who told me, "Don't drink the water," even though I didn't heed her advice.

This is the tractor Gerald kept when he retired; it's more powerful than Cliff's 1855, and a year or two older; but it's the same basic tractor, and Gerald answered many of Cliff's questions, pointing out various things Cliff wasn't sure about.

It was hot and humid, so I didn't stay outside with the guys long; I went inside and had a nice visit with Dee, my cousin's wife. I tried to help her out with a few things on her computer, although her Vista OS wouldn't let me delete her cookies. What's with that? I certainly hope Microsoft comes up with something simpler before I need another computer!

This is Gerald's current project, a Ford Crown Victoria; he's done a lot of these. Cliff and I have agreed that if we were to win the lottery, we'd see if we could buy one of Gerald's restored vehicles. By the time he gets through with a car, it's like new, inside and out.

It was a good ride, and we managed to dodge the rain, although the pavement was wet with recent rainfall as we got near home. Close call!


Muhd Imran said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy retirement. Doing a hobby you enjoy and see the fruits of your labor of love appreciated like that.

Such a talented yet humble person Gerald is.

Your motorcycle rides always set me thinking to ride my bicycle. There is something about open-air and speed that thrill me.

Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

Wow, I read the article. That is pretty darn scary stuff. Do you know if they have found anything in the results of the testing of the water and soil and whatnot? I admire someone with the patience to restore old things to new. Glad y'all dodged the rain. We are going to have rain every day this coming week!

m.v. said...

they are really going back and forth on the cameron thing. according to the state there is nothing unusual there,it's just a small community where people know each other. on my block if every other person had a tumor I wouldn't know.

Paula said...

Its nice you and Cliff have people close enough you can ride your motorcycle to visit. I really like to see old cars restored. I wish I had one to drive on Sunday afternoons. lol