Friday, July 03, 2009

Time to vote

I added the widget at the top of my sidebar with all the names suggested except two. Those two were "Meatloaf"... we have Meatloaf, our last steer, in the freezer now, so I didn't want another one; and Julia Elinor... Julia, no matter how much you want a calf named after you, and despite the fact that we have neutered the calf, he's still a BOY for heaven's sake.

Oh, and if you made more than one suggestion, I only used one.

Now get out and vote!

Oh, by the way, I fixed it so you can choose multiple answers, in case you can't quite make up your mind.

If we end up with one or more ties, we'll run another contest just with those. This one will be up for a week.


Hollie said...

I voted

Rachel said...

I didn't know that Kevin submitted a name, too, so imagine my surprise when I asked him to vote for mine and he voted for his own! LOL

Muhd Imran said...

I voted too and have a few questions:

1. At what age will this calf be in your freezer?

2. Do you call for someone to slaughter or Cliff does it himself?

Silly questions, but I would like to know more about the farm and its animals.

Thanks and Happy 4th July!

Mel said...

I voted =]

Debbie said...

I tried to vote but I'm getting an error page can't be displayed. I'll try again later.