Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big news for KC area: Never-before-seen pictures of Meesha

We were privileged to have that Kansas City Russian Jew visit today, with his daughter and her friend. They all met my horse, Blue. The girls even got a brief ride later on.

We went for a tractor ride.

I showed Meesha where the blackberries grow, and he ate a few of them.

My two local granddaughters were here, and these four girls took turns churning butter. Then they went inside with me and they all had toast and Bonnie-butter and a glass of Bonnie-milk.

We sat in the shade by Cliff's shop and chewed the fat.

It was a good day indeed.

Oh, and tonight I made Russian Salsa; good stuff.


m.v. said...

You really had time for the salsa? And you really liked it? I guess I feel better about my recipes. Thanks again for the great day.

Donna said...

Monica was still here, and the three of us liked it. In fact, Monica ended up tipping up the dish and slurping the rest of hers. I love garlic, and I'm afraid I used too much. Nobody noticed, but I'll bet anyone who comes within ten feet of us tomorrow will know.

m.v. said...

By the way, you can now print only the text just like you wanted

Donna said...

Thanks, Mike!

Rachel said...

I'm taking some to work tomorrow for work-friend Melodie and I to have with our lunch. I can't WAIT!