Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Shot

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Yesterday morning I turned Sir Loin out with the rest of the herd; he did just fine, and was still with them this morning. I'll still watch his mom's udder, in case I have to relieve her of some excess milk. By the way, in this picture he is in exactly the spot where he was born; he's going down memory lane, I suppose.

Remember my plugged-up ear? Yesterday morning I could hear again... until I bent over to pull some weeds. It stopped up again, and has been plugged ever since. I feel like I have my head in a bucket or something.

Did you know that when hearing in one ear is impaired, you can no longer tell what direction a sound is coming from? I knew it already, because of living with Cliff; but I really never wanted to experience it. I was in the kitchen yesterday and heard my cell phone ringing. I went to the bedroom to look for it and then realized it was in the opposite direction.

Oh yes, Cliff is enjoying this.

Regarding my previous post: Ask and ye shall receive! Turns out my son-in-law has a self-propelled mower he isn't using. How handy is that?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

He is so cute laying in the grass there. I'm sure Bonnie is keeping an eye on him too. Glad you got the free mower.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Sir Loin is such a handsome calf! Too bad he is going to end up in the freezer. I had problems with my ears and had a wax plug. I had to get my ear irrigated. I can now do it myself as it is a simple procedure. Fill up a squeeze bottle with warm water and squirt it in your ear until the plug dislodges.

Paula said...

You sure have some pretty green grass there. Hope you're ear problem clears up soon. Mine has been terrible pain when I chew. I have found it helps to relieve the pressure when I chew gum.

Lindie said...

My girlfriend who is into natural remedies says that candleing works. Check into it. Where did the other bovines come from? Did I miss something?

Donna said...

Lindie, after a couple days of using the earwax removal stuff, Cliff flushed out my ear with a little ear syringe thingie and CHUNKS came out. I can hear again.

Yes, you missed an entry somewhere: The two whiteface heifers belong to Cliff's brother;he needed to separate them from their mothers and also get them away from his bull until they're a little older.