Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, I just have to share this

A relative of mine on Facebook who shall remain nameless (she lives in Oklahoma) posted this about her three-year-old son (names kept hidden to protect the innocent):

just put out a fire (small one), set by E in the microwave. The cause? A plastic colander filled with a stuffed bat, tennis ball, 2 foam balls, a car, a metal whistle, and a wooden train car. He used our ottoman to stand tall enough to put it in, and set the time for 99 minutes before pressing start. He ran into the living room screaming, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" and I turned around to see sparks and flame. Nice.

Truth is often stranger than fiction; especially when you have small children.


Rachel said...

Microwave: $295.00
Various toys $19.93
Colander $5.79

Unexpected flames? Priceless

Anonymous said...

RMAOTF this reminded me when one of my sons at the age of 4 put our kitten in the microwave and closed the door and came running in the living room yelling kitty kitty following him to the kitchen and seeing no kitty I asked him where and he pointed to the micro. I asked him why and he said it's okay mommy I didn't turn it on. That son is now 26 and my handy man when I need one.


Paula said...

Wonder if he thought he was making a new recipe?

Amy said...

Years ago, when I had a light colored pine table, I was scrubbing the sides and underneath and noticed a big burn mark on the underside of the table. Then I noticed the big melted spot in the carpet under the table. Turns out Alex (who was then maybe 8 or so....but mentally delayed, so you know....) had gotten the flame lighter thingie and been playing with it. *shakes head* kids.

(Around then would have been when all my grey hair started coming out)