Monday, July 13, 2009

Call me crazy, I don't care

I'm about as Republican right-wing as you can get. OK, maybe not THAT bad, but that's how I lean.

Strange thing is this: The music I listen to on Pandora is mostly folk; you know, people who swing so far to the left that they're almost communist. Some of them were actually accused of being communists, way back when. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger; and many more.

Maybe it's just the rebel in me, I don't know.

Anyhow, at some point in my life, some grandchild introduced me to Green Day.

I liked a lot of what they had to say, as well as the way they said it.

When I found out a certain granddaughter was practically DYING to see them, I thought, "Why not?"

She's underage, so all we needed was a driver. I don't drive. But my oldest grandson does, and he knows most of the words to all the Green Day songs.

I made a couple of phone calls. I secured our seats.

This granny is going to see Green Day, August 12.

I would also pay three person's ticket fees to see ZZ Top, and others I won't mention here. Wait a minute... Cliff is paying, not me. But hey, he bought this un-neccesary big honkin' tractor we don't need. (I do sorta love it, though.)

Over at Tractor Tales, it's called "SET". That's "spousel equity tax".


Erin from Iowa said...

Ha ha! That rawks! You go girl! From a 51 yr old grandma. ;)

Meadowlark said...

We sound similar. I just love music, PERIOD.

I range from Hank Williams, Sr, to Metallica to anything Baroque to zydeco to Cumbia (columbian accordian lowrider stuff) to Sublime and Ludacris.

That said, I've never been to a "real" concert and have such a social phobia I never could. Have a GREAT TIME!!!!!! (be safe)

Robbie said...

You are what they call a RINO, and no it's not a poke at your age. It means Republican in Name Only.

I think it is so amazingly cool that you are going to see Green Day. They totally rock! I'm jealous but I am really inspired by the memories that you are leaving with your grandchildren by doing this with them.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I like Green Day too, and love ZZ Top, AC/DC and many more than I can name here. Of course I love classic country, folk, bluegrass and more as well.

Hope y'all have a grand time at the Green Day shindig, and I can almost guarantee that you won't be the only granny there.

Lori said...

You are a complex individual with many layers -- and there's nothing wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

Well....I'm a Libertarian who most often votes Republican and I am listening to Marilyn Manson right now

Muhd Imran said...

You're one hip granny!

Celeste said...

I agree you are a RINO! My taste in music is very diversified and thanks to you I now have some Green Day on my computer! LOL