Friday, July 24, 2009

Blessings continue

This is Jimmy-John; he graduated with my son... in 1985, I think it was. Cliff had painted this canopy that goes on the Oliver 1855, but he got some pretty bad runs in it; he called Jimmy-John yesterday for advice, and JJ came over to lend a hand. Today he came again, right from work.

He's painting the little bitty pieces here.

Jimmy John straightens up wrecked vehicles and paints them. He did this all day today at work, then came over here to do an almost-freebie.

"I thought I'd better help Dad," he told me.

Cliff, meanwhile, did some necessary sanding on a fender.

Jimmy-John had some rare sort of cancer that cost him the sight in one eye, a couple of years back. It scared us all, but he seems to be no worse for the wear these days.

Everybody should have somebody like Jimmy-John in their lives.

If your son can't be close at hand, it's nice to have one of your son's old high-school buddies around. Especially if he's a professional painter.


Hollie said...

That's so nice of him to help Cliff out!

Paula said...

Nice guy that Jimmy-John. Bet Cliff would do the same. I just have to say Cliff sure keeps his shop neat.

Rachel said...

Jimmy rocks!

Lindie said...

I have my special daughter just like that! Nila was my younger daughter's best friend and now I count her as family. Stacie moved away and I still have Nila near by.

Debbie said...

I don't know how I missed this entry but my hubby happened to be walking through and enjoyed looking at these pictures. I went back in your archives and showed him the pictures you shared with us when Cliff bought the tractor, he enjoyed those too. I'll have to remember to show him when you share pictures with us when Cliff gets done.

Celeste said...

That is a special man.