Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When people start telling me that my motorcycle needs new tires, I tend to listen. So today Cliff and I rode our motorcycle into Independence to Hub Cycles, where we'll get new tires and a new windshield installed on our Gold Wing. This isn't going to be cheap, folks.

It was raining, but only lightly. We were able to keep moving, so we didn't get wet.

Right next door to Hub Cycles at US Bank, there were a lot of policemen gathered. We're still wondering if a bank robbery had occurred.

Maybe I should google something up on the local news?

We left our bike at Hub, and the son-in-law, who was nearby getting therapy on his shoulder, picked us up and brought us home.

In case you were wondering how those BIG cucumbers I mentioned are doing, here's how they look tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hey Donna ! put the receipe on here for those pickles

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good timing on getting a ride home. Hope the $$$ aren't too bad, but you know you have to be safe on that motorcycle for sure. The cuke curls are looking good. I've never had any thing like them before. Have a great Wednesday!

Danny said...

The cost of new tires is far cheaper than the cost of any trouble they could cause later if one were to fail.