Friday, January 25, 2008

Another letter from 1938

I'm not sure about the date my mom wrote on this picture; this letter is dated 1938, and Aunt Ruby is calling Gerald her baby; but if the picture is dated correctly, Gerald would have been six years old when the letter was written.

I sometimes refer to my 38-year-old daughter as "my baby", though; so who knows?

Here's the content of a letter to my mom from her sister, my Aunt Ruby, written in December, 1938. It just tore my heart out the first time I read it. This was before antibiotics, and you can see that she thought her baby was dying. I mostly used her spelling. See if you feel what I felt, reading this. By the way, my cousin Gerald is still alive and kicking. Before he was born, Aunt Ruby had lost an infant daughter to pnuemonia, which probably is the reason for her concern.

Rippey, Ia.
Tuesday nite

Dear sister Lola:
I was sure glad to get your letter today, Lola. You don't know how much good it done me. It's so dreadful lonesome so far from everyone I know and my dear baby so sick. He has pnuemonia. We have had the doctor twice. He is coming back.
Well now it's Wednesday morning. That's as far as I got when Gerald took suddenly worse. We worked with him till 10:30 then called the doctor back again. He has had convulsions and was out of his head, talked so crazy. He had pluercy and Lola he is still awful sick. The Dr. is coming back again today. Can you every realize how awful it's been. We never got stritened up even and in a neighborhood and don't know a soul. Even had to get a strange doctor. He's from Rippey & he sure seems nice. He has been so good every time he cam but what I want is my baby to get well. The Dr. says he is doing alrite but that it takes time. I wish I was close to some one I knew. Mrs. Hank has been up the last two nites & stayed with us but she has 2 little kids and can't stay away. Poor little Gerald is so sick I haven't wrote Mom yet. We are a mile from the mail box and I can't get away u no. But I thought maybe L (her husband, Lloyd) could go at noon and mail them.
Lola, Lloyd wanted me to tell you to be sure and not mention him not being well when you rite post cards because our mail is rite with theirs and they bring it when they get theirs so don't mention it ever on a card. I think he is improving but we can't think of anything now only our baby.
If little Gerald gets well that's all the Xmas L & I ask for. It is costing a heap but what's money. If you can't have your Lovin little babies so our Xmas won't be what it might. but just so Gerald gets well. I sure did wish for Dr Gunn. It just made me sick to call a strange Dr. but we couldn't wait to get one so far.
I'll be so glad to see you kids come up.
I will stop and send this to the box by Mrs Hunt. The Dr. came again while ago & Gerald is an awful sick boy yet. The Dr will be back again. I'll let u know when I can but u write and come.
Your blue sis

These days Gerald is retired, and restores old cars as a hobby.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hello!! I wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for writing to me and reading my simple blog!! I love it when new people stop by!! I loved your picture for Photo Hunt Saturday. I have to work in the morning so knew that I had to get it posted tonight. Again come back anytime. Sandy said...

Hi, Sandy (Flip Flop Floozie) is a really nice lady! When I started blogging she helped me learn how to do stuff!!
I just read your new post and it sure does tug at your heart!! I had tears in my eyes before I finished reading it!!

My daughter Kelly works at the library with Judy B. and she showed her my blog and enlarged your picture on my comments page and Judy goes I KNOW HER that is Donna and Kelly couldn't remember your last name!!!Judy said the town you live near and that you live in the country and how nice you are!!

We have a another blogging friend Glo or did I already tell you this!! She lives in the town arcross the river from you!! She is really nice too!! I was born in 1938 so this was really interesting to me!! Love and Hugs Grams

Rachel said...

I HATE it when I read that, but every time I've seen it, I have to read to the end. She's lonely and worried and those are two of the worst feelings!

Diane J. said...

Back in those days adults often died from what we would consider simple ailments, much less babies and children. Many people couldn't afford to go to the doctor or have him come to their home.

Some of those things about the "good ol' days" weren't so good.