Friday, January 25, 2008

Back to 2008...

In winter, I tend to blog about old times because there's so little to write about when you're holed up in the house. It's even been so cold we've skipped our daily walk in the pasture a couple of times. Yesterday the dog and I went after Cliff left for work at 2:30. It was 18°, which was the high for the day, I believe.

You can only write so much about the antics of the dog or your trips to Wal-Mart before it gets to be old hat; hence, my entries with old pictures and letters.

I have enjoyed finding a few new bloggers, thanks to my wintertime surfing. I've found a couple of you with whom I have real-life friends in common; and this morning I'm pretty sure I found the blog of a great-nephew's sister-in-law. It's an interesting blog, too!

I used to have problems with S.A.D. (wintertime depression); not so much now, with the Internet to keep me busy. I used to read a lot of books. Now I read blogs instead.

To all of my new readers, welcome. I'm glad some of you enjoy my strolls down memory lane. Once the weather's nice, you won't see those so much. Instead, you'll be regaled with tales of our adventures in motorcycle riding, or my horseback rides down to the Missouri River. I'll probably be sharing videos of my calves running, or even a video that takes you on a horseback ride with me.

I'll be reading your blogs and, through them, getting to know you better.


Ambitious Fledgling said...

I so enjoy this blog the way it is. lol =) It reminds me of listening to my mother talk about the "old days". Or like the previous post.. I too had frizzy hair and mom was always trying to accomplish the Shirley Temple look. lol along with the handmade dresses of course! =)

Midlife Mom said...

If and when I find it I will post a picture of me at about that same age with the same hairdo! I had really curly frizzy hair and my mother would make the curls into ringlets and then pin them up till they dried and then take the pins out. On rainy or humid days my hair would get bigger and bigger as it frizz out! I hated it and wanted it straight like most of the other girls.

We used to love the 'sing alongs' at our church singing all the old choruses sp? and hymns. I like praise and worship but many of the newer songs just don't have the messages of the old ones. My Dad calls them 7-11 songs, you sing seven words 11 times! ha!

I have been enjoying your old pictures and letters, takes me back to another time. I have been going through a lot of them too, it's a good winter project.

Went to the stable this morning and it was 0* out. Boy was it cold but we got all five taken care of and they wanted to go out so we put them out. They will only stay out a couple hours and then she will put them in again especially if the wind comes up. Nick was nice and cozy with his blanket on which will stay on the rest of the winter.

Spyder said...

Even though I don't comment on each post know that I am reading them daily.