Saturday, January 26, 2008

I rode today

It was a bit nippy, but I figured I'd at least ride Blue down to the river bottoms. When I got to the railroad tracks, though, a train was parked so that I couldn't cross. Most of the trains that pass along that route are filled with coal, and a very few are hauling new cars. But this one was full of gravel, best I could tell.

Blue says, "Hey, what's this in our way?"

There's the engine.

I had turned to head back toward home when the train started moving; so I turned Blue around and we headed once more across the river bottoms. Winter wheat has been planted there, so it'll be turning green real early this spring.

I rode over an hour. Even with temperatures above 40°, my toes got numb. Somebody needs to make some cowboy boots that keep a person's feet warm!

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