Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sam's Club sucker (that'd be me)

As I mentioned in this post, we went to Sam's Club yesterday. We go there once every six or eight weeks, and I always stock up on certain items: three-pound bags of almonds, our favorite healthful snack; huge containers of Era laundry soap; four-bottle units of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. We only have one bathroom, but when I'm flying with Flylady, she insists I swish-and-swipe my toilet bowl each morning. Not to mention that no product gets rid of hard-water deposits on my bathtub, kitchen sink, or anything else as good as that Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. I also got a four-pack unit of disinfecting wipes, which are handy for the "swiping" part of my morning toilet bowl cleanup.

All those things are incredible buys, and I'm glad I came home with them.

Now let me tell you about my love of popcorn. Being frugal-minded when it comes to groceries, I find popcorn to be the most economical snack ever. Not microwave popcorn in bags, mind you. Plain old popcorn, which I prepare in my microwave popcorn popper, for pennies a serving. It's air-popped, so it's low-calorie. I do add a little melted butter and Molly McButter when it's done. I have an excellent caramel corn recipe, so I can even make a sweet popcorn treat as good as, and cheaper than, anything you can buy... when I'm not trying to lose weight, that is.

That's my faithful popcorn popper on the left, and my backup (in case the old one ever has a melt-down) on the right.

So I mentioned to Cliff that we should find a big bag of popcorn at Sam's; it's already very cheap, so imagine how much money I'd save buying it in bulk. I was envisioning perhaps a ten-pound bag.

"I'll store it in the freezer so it won't get old," I told him.

What we found was a fifty-pound bag. How could a bargain-minded popcorn fiend pass up such a buy?

Once I got home, the enormity of my purchase hit me, and I realized I probably now owned a lifetime supply of popcorn.

Today I resolutely put most of the contents of that bag into a big "Topsy's Popcorn" can from the year 2000 and put it in a corner of my freezer. I poured what remained into a gallon glass jar to be kept handy here in the kitchen.

I can't believe I bought that much popcorn.

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Lee said...

Bargain Hunters, Unite!!
You're definitely ready for the Super Bowl...and for Hallowe'en, for that matter. But doesn't it feel good to know you'll Never be out of popcorn? :-)

Midlife Mom said...

I know where to go when I need some popcorn!! I love Sam's Club but I usually go overboard and get some things that aren't on my list. No self control!

Rachel said...

Jeez, Mom. 50 lbs? LOL

Spyder said...

Pop a bunch & feed the birds!

Joyful Days said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as a microwave popcorn popper. Cool. We just usually do the bags. Bought at that Sam's.

Popcorn & a Lucy (I Love Lucy video) is the boys' bedtime ritual.

Ambitious Fledgling said...

Looking at the previous picture below.. that in fact, is the absolute biggest bag of popcorn I have ever seen! lol mmmm popcorn balls.. lots and lots.. I'll bring my kiddo.. it'll be a blast! lol

The Dairy Wife said...

That much popcorn can feed an army! That is too funny. Is that popcorn listed in your will? (just kidding)

Thanks for visiting my blog. About my Marlboro Man, yeah, Ree knows I have one too.

Take Care,