Thursday, January 24, 2008

We interupt this blog-cast....

In regard to the "letter from 1938" post:

The remark about turpentine must have indeed hinted at abortion. I did a bit of googling and found this article, from which I quote: "Women often tried to induce abortion or cause a miscarriage by throwing themselves down stairs or inflicting violence on themselves. They ingested, douched with or inserted into themselves a chilling variety of chemicals and toxins--from bleach to potassium permanganate to turpentine to gunpowder and whiskey."

Don't ask me what they did with the turpentine. Probably douched with it, because I can't imagine anyone drinking it and surviving. Although I read this on the wikipedia entry for turpentine: "Drinking turpentine is extremely dangerous and can be life threatening. In addition, drinking turpentine is not an effective way to induce an abortion.

So perhaps they did indeed drink it.

My brother, who is mentioned in that letter from Aunt Gladys, is in the picture I included in that entry, wearing overalls.

By the way, Aunt Gladys is still alive, sense of humor intact, living in a nursing home a hundred miles north of here. She's blind, and has lately become hard of hearing.

That's her at a family reunion last August.

I have another old letter I intend to share before too long.


Glo said...

Thanks for stopping,come again. Always nice to meet new bloggers. Yes I live in Richmond not to far from you. Aunt Gladys look a whipper snapper. I worked in the nursing home here for several years. I still do volenteer work there. We have one who is 101 and very with it and another who is
108. I took care of a man who was 102 and could he tell you stories.
Also I loved all your old picture in you past post. I have a post in my archives I believe it was Mar 4 th It tell about where I grew up.

I do know turentine was used for hooping caugh (spelling) when I was younger. A drop or two was put on a spoonful of sugar....I know I had to take it. YUK

Again Thanks for stopping by.

Diane J. said...

I've taken many a spoonful of turpentine and sugar, but it was for pin worms. We took coal oil (kerosene) and sugar for coughs.

I'm 44 years old but grew dirt poor in rural Northeast Arkansas. We share many of the same stories and memories, Donna. I'm really enjoying the last several posts you've done. They've really stirred up my memories.