Monday, October 18, 2010

Beef heart

Every time I dig in the freezer for something, I see that package wrapped in butcher paper that says, "Beef heart" and go right on digging.
We've butchered several animals over the years, and the only hearts I ever remember eating is chicken hearts.  I think I probably kept them in the freezer until they got old, and then tossed them.
Today I bravely took Sir Loin's heart out of the freezer and, using Google, studied methods of preparing a beef heart for human consumption.  I recall my mom saying she loved heart and dressing; in the oldest "Better Homes and Gardens" cookbook in my collection, circa 1935, I found a recipe for that dish.  Put stuffing in the heart, sew it up, and cook for three or four hours in a little water.
Sew it up?
Google has given me various methods of cooking heart:  slicing and grilling, slicing and frying, cooking in a crockpot.
I found one recipe I'd love to try HERE, but I don't have any sausage on hand.  I guess I'll just put it in the crock pot with an onion and a little water and see what happens.


Julia said...

Don't take this personally - EWWW!! YUCK! AKKK!! Ok. I
think I'm done.

Tango's Going Ons said...

I'm sure it will be delicious without the sausage using the same spices that are used in sausage. I know it will make an awesome gravy.

Cliff said...

Thank heavens we're heartless. Okay, we're not. We have a maybe 15 year old heart lying in repose in our freezer.
About the bikes below. We have had an amazing amount of tragedies in the Omaha area. One of our daughters best friend was killed on a 'poker run' with her boyfriend. What a waste. Lost control on a curve. A convenience store owner tried to get them to stay for a while and eat something

Toon said...

If it's fifteen years old, just throw it out for god's sake! Or use it in a clever , cruel way to scare somebody on Halloween.

nerves05 said...

I have to 2nd the " EWWW!! YUCK! AKKK!!

Anonymous said...

I see the recipe makes 4 servings. Where oh where will you find two other people to share this scruptious dinner with? Vicki

Helen said...

I have never ate the heart of anything. I really don't think I could. I might if I was starving LOL. Helen

Wil said...

Do take to heart (har, har - bad pun, I know) the admonition to use a slow oven or low crockpot as medium or high heat will cause the heart muscle to contract and the texture will be similar to gristle. A well cooked heart dish is succulent, juicy and very flavorful. As Alton Brown is so fond of remarking, that's "Good Eats."