Sunday, February 14, 2021

South Padre Island memories

 I try and remember to look at all the "on this day" photos at Amazon Prime.  Boy, am I glad I looked this morning!  My daughter, her three children, and I were visiting my sister in Mission, Texas, sixteen years ago today.  I don't drive, so my daughter had the job of driving us from the Kansas City area to Mission.  I've always told her she should have been a truck driver; give her a big bag of chips and a Diet Coke, turn up the radio, and she'll drive for hours.

These photos showed up on the perfect day because right now, it's officially one degree here; that's supposed to be our high for the day.  Oh, but these pictures!  I remember this day well.  We had a picnic on the sand dunes because a little sand on a meal never hurt anybody:  Why do you think they call them sandwiches?  

Maxine sold her Texas place about five years ago.  Boy, I wish some other relative would get a place down there.  I will never again taste the sweetness of grapefruits straight from the tree, warmed by the sun.  I have to force down the sour grapefruits I buy at the grocery store.  

Feel free to imagine yourself on a beach at Padre Island.

Me, my sister Maxine, and 3 grandchildren at the top of a lighthouse just before crossing over to South Padre Island.

Apparently my daughter was taking the pictures.  

The water was cold! 

finding seashells
finding seashells

I'll leave you with a poem I wrote, this one in March of 2003 when I was working at Kohl's.

Donna Wood

I'll go to work this morning and I'll process clothes and shoes.
The time will fly, as always, if there's plenty work to do.
I'll watch my fellow workers, and I'll study all their ways,
And try to find some meaning in the things I learn today.

Perhaps I'll write a poem about all the people there.
If someone needs compassion, maybe I'll be one who'll care.
Or maybe I'll be self-absorbed and wish they'd go away:
No matter what occurs, there are some things to learn today.

And when this day has ended, I may have some deep regrets
If I've responded wrongly toward the people I have met.
But even if I did things in a false or selfish way,
It's all part of a process, and I'll learn some things today.

The only day that's wasted is the one where nothing's learned.
Of course it's nice if I have fun and there's some money earned,
But my eyes are wide open to a much more lasting pay:
The best reward for living is the things I've learned today.


  1. This is a great post. It is cold where you are! We have ice and snow but it isn't that cold, at least.

  2. Oh the smiles... as bright as the sun! Memories, with pictures to go along, are just wonderful, aren't they? The poem is fantastic too!! ~Andrea xoxo

  3. Your poem is a great reminder to stay in the moment and do your best.

  4. Those photos are fun to look at on frigid days! They also bring back wonderful memories.

  5. I've always wanted to visit South Padre Island. It's on my list! I ha a friend who lived in Houston who I visited occasionally but that is my extent of Visits to Texas! Stay warm!

  6. A beautiful place. such joy on all your faces. The poem is lovely. I think you should gather all your writing and put it in a book and sell it on amazon. they will help you self publish. your words are so poignant. i would love to reference them for inspiration.

  7. I almost felt warm for a minute. That looks like you had a great time. I really liked "The only day that's wasted is the one where nothing's learned." How true.

  8. I really enjoy the flashbacks of memory I get from Facebook, similar to Amazon Prime photos.


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