Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Good news!

 When Gabe and I made our first trip outside this morning, I looked down at the cat condo expecting to see Blue peek out... but Mama Kitty came slinking out, followed by Blue!  So now there will be two cats sleeping in there together, keeping one another warm.  I was sure MK would rather die than cuddle up with some wannabe cat, but obviously she chose comfort over everything else.  I am thankful they are going to be OK when the 10 below zero nights hit us this weekend.  I intend to take the rags out of the condo and put straw in it instead, because several articles I read online say that's the warmest solution for them.  Other than that, my job is done.

I have a video of a crazy cat and a picture of my pets to share.

Lately Gabe has made a point of using Blue as a cushion to sit on like you see in the picture below.

Gabe does this two or three times every day.  He seems to think he is humiliating the cat, but Blue isn't bothered by this at all, although the look on his face seems to ask "Why?".  I guess I should cut the tags off my dog-and cat-beds, right?    

In other good news, Cliff and I received our first covid vaccine shot, the Pfizer kind.  March 3 we will receive our second one.  I have a sore arm, just like I always have had with the flu shot.  Getting the shot was quick and easy.  We only had to wait fifteen minutes afterward instead of the thirty minutes others have said they had to wait.  

Stay warm!  This morning at 6:30 the temperature is 10 degrees, but it's plunging even lower for the weekend.  We could get into the below-zero territory and stay there for a few days.  It's depressing, but we have heat and a warm, dry place to live, not to mention plenty of food.  I'm thankful for that, and so happy that the two cats have decided to cooperate in order to stay warm.

Have a good day!


  1. Good news that you both got your vaccine shots, Donna! One down, one to go. ~Andrea xoxo

  2. Was that a soap opera playing in the background?

    Congrats on the shot. It's nice to see others steadily getting them and I hope herd immunity isn't far off.

    1. No soap operas in this house, unless you count a few of the Netflix shows like Greenleaf (which I loved). That was something that popped up on Netflix trying to lure me in, "The Sinner". We watched that episode last night and liked it. Trouble is, they only have season 3. But each season is a story in it's own right, so that's OK.

  3. The cats may decide they like each other permanently :-)

  4. Yay, for your shot. Mine was Moderna. They scheduled my second one month from yesterday.

  5. I was hoping they would find eachother and snuggle a bit for warmth. Good to know. Congrats on your shot. I got my Moderna one Monday. Know it will be a month yet but am feeling safer already.

  6. Northern AB gal1:53 PM

    MK is definitely a survivalist! So happy to hear she is using the condo. Stay warm!

  7. That's great about the cats! They can be very territorial, but I guess the cold weather has discouraged that. I would love to get vaccinated! Most people here are getting Moderna.

  8. I am so glad the two cats have decided to keep one another warm.


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