Friday, February 05, 2021

Time moves on...

I was shopping in my deep freeze for something to fix for dinner (noon meal).  My wandering eyes happened to land on a package of sliced ham left over from our Christmas ham, and I asked Cliff, "Would you rather have ham salad sandwiches, or a warm ham sandwich with cheese melted on it?"  He chose the latter.  Either way it would have made an easy meal, and I didn't care which he chose... although I do love melted cheese.

A longtime reader of my blog who lives in Canada messaged me yesterday asking if I'm still practicing left-hand writing; I am, but I am not practicing as often as I should, so although I'm improving, I really should be improving faster.  As it happened, though, I had followed the dotted lines and colored the picture in the workbook (for five-year-olds) yesterday.  Yes, I follow the dots, then color the picture.  I always hated coloring.

Back to my Canadian friend:  She had come across something that she thought I might like to use for my left-hand-writing practice:  It's a 28-day devotional plan geared toward love (Valentines Day approaches); the preacher in charge of this suggests people will get more out of it if they not only read the verses, but copy them down each day.  So yesterday and today, I did copy the portion of the day.  I'll post what I copied here so you can perhaps tell whether I'm getting any better.  I put a check-mark at the beginning of the next-to-last line because I miss-copied one word:  I should have written "God" but I wrote "he".  The meaning is the same, and I didn't want to scratch out "he" with the pen, then insert "God" after that, because that would make my attempts at writing look terrible.  Maybe I should stick with pencils; they come with erasers.

However, in the interest of improving dexterity, flexibility, and strength in my left hand, I color.  I bought myself a box of 20 crayons first, but once the point is worn away, it's impossible to stay in the lines because the pointed end of the crayon is too fat!  So I ordered some of those "gel pens for adult coloring books".  They were reasonably priced, but using them to color is like trying to color with an ink pen... although they are still good for increasing dexterity, I'm sure.  I only wish I liked to color.  I just lack patience; I like to get something done and out of the way!  Or, you know, figure out a way to get out of doing it; I'm good at that.

Mama Kitty is off her feed:  She ate about 1/3 of her wet food last night.  Normally I don't feed her anything but dry food until 4:30 PM, but I wondered if she'd eat this morning, and gave her a little wet food.  She ate about half of it.  

I called the place in Lexington where they are giving the covid shot and left our names, and she had told me she would call when they could take us.  Well, yesterday the lady called and had a time for both of us to come; wouldn't you know it was exactly the time when we will be in Independence getting our eyes tested at Costco.  So I declined.  She said she'd call when they get some more vaccine in.  I think those shots are soon going to be much easier to find, though.  

I'll soon be making our ham-and-cheese sandwich, so I'd better quit blogging and get us fed.  I made banana bread earlier, so that'll be dessert.

I am eagerly looking forward to the Super Bowl.  It could go either way, but I sure am hoping for my Kansas City Chiefs!

Keep warm, my friends.  A large part of the country is going to be very cold for the next week and maybe longer.  It will pass, and we'll be planting gardens before you know it.




  1. Banana bread--yum! Your left handed writing is better than mine right handed. I don't like to color either, for the same reason. John and I will be rooting for KC in the Superbowl!

  2. Due to the weather outside, hot ham and cheese sounds better than cold ham salad.

    I'm planning on watching my first NFL game of the season on Sunday. I guess that makes it the last one as well. No skin in the game obviously but since the Chiefs are much closer to my home, I'll probably be rooting for them just for something to do when I'm not watching the commercials.

  3. Northern AB gal2:22 PM

    OK, I admit I tried writing lefthanded, it's hard! I think you must be ambidextrous; can you write one verse with left hand and then one with your right hand so we can see the difference? I think your left hand writing is very good.
    Does mama kitty go off her food regularly? Maybe she ate too many critters!
    We know what you will be doing tomorrow, hope your team wins!

    1. I will try to remember and show you the difference. Cliff says my right-hand writing is worse! If he's right, it's because I still take my time left-handed, and I hurry when I use my right-hand. Maybe the fact I was born left-handed has something to do with my being able to use my left hand, but I don't think so. I googled lots of things about left-handed writing. They say, "If you're going to start writing with your non-dominant hand, you need to be committed to the training. That means it's something you're going to need to work on every single day. Set aside about 20 minutes or a half hour to writing with your left hand each day, whether you're tracing or actually writing. should spend 20 to 30 minutes every day if you want to learn." See, that's where I go wrong. I'll skip 3 or 4 days, then go back to it. That's why I haven't nailed it after 5 months.

  4. You are a good left handed writer.

  5. I will be hoping Kansas City wins too. When I sold radio advertising back in the 1980's
    I sold a package for a drawing for someone to win two wickets and a free bus trip to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs play. I used to sell 12 of those packages.

  6. I will root for kc in your honor and because I have deep Missouri roots. My dad rode the rails to kc back in the day!

  7. I'm clinging on to your words about planting our gardens, Donna! It's the only bright spot in this dismal tundra we call winter, around these parts. Pooey! ~Andrea xoxo

  8. Hi Donna! I use these (as much as possible) because of my ailments. Twist up, softer, yet stay sharp. I finally used up a package my oldest grandson left here years ago. Just received these. Currently going with grey to write lists, hot pink to cross out. I think just the fact you are doing this is awesome. It has to be good for your synapses, let alone the whole right-left brain functions.
    Speaking of gardens, here's something to keep busy with during winter weather:


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