Saturday, April 30, 2011

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

Sassy was originally purchased as a horse for Adam's wife.  He'd ride Tude and the wife would ride Sassy.  Eventually Adam got rid of the wife, but kept the horse.  If he leaves for a few days  of riding, he takes both horses and takes turns riding them.  Sassy, a half-Arabian, gives him the most comfortable ride of the two.  Tude, however, is his first and favorite.  
The two horses are best buddies.  If they happen to get separated, they'll whinny and run the fence until they're back together.  They do things for one another, as best friends do.  For instance:

Yep.  They'll simultaneously scratch one another's itches.  


  1. They are beautiful horses. Well taken care of by you. Helen

  2. I love watching the horses scratch each others backs. You can hear their teeth clicking together sometimes. Mine will do it and then squeal and kick but then go right back at scratching again.

    Love your new addition!

  3. Jenny Logan6:20 PM

    My brother loves and takes good care of his horses!! I don't think he would know what to do without them now!! Thanks for the cute short story, Donna!!!


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