Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm reading

We're back to unseasonably cool weather, so all the yard-and-garden fun is on hold.  So far the temperatures haven't dipped below freezing.  Because I started more pepper plants than I can possible use, I planted a row of them last weekend; I also set out two of my tomato plants.  Oh, and I have some corn up.  If we get a frost or freeze, there's plenty of stuff it could affect now; one year we had a freeze on May 10, I believe.  Peas, lettuce and spinach love the cool weather, and are doing great.  Even a hard freeze won't affect those crops.  
Meanwhile, the furnace is kicking on from time to time and I'm curling up with my Nook.
There are two library books on my Nook right now.  "Washington, A Life", is 1,100 pages long.  It's extremely interesting, but I won't get it even half read before it goes "poof", so I have already gotten in the cyber-line to re-check it out; you can't renew books on the Nook, you have to check them out all over again.  I'm fifth in line, and that's OK.
The way the Revolutionary War is going so far as I've read, I don't know why we're not still British subjects!  What a bunch of losers those ragtag soldiers appear to be, running from battle at the first sound of a musket, deserting at will, and the few brave ones get killed.  Honestly, if I didn't know how it turned out, I would think England was going to win.  As for George, one minute I love him for his courage... he truly was courageous... and the next minute I don't like him much for his snooty attitude about people of a lower class than himself.  Oh, and did you know they used to shoot or hang people for deserting?  Did you know Mr. Washington had his personal slave with him all through the war?  His wife was fairly close at hand a lot of the time, too.  
I needed a break from watching my side lose a war, so I checked out "Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter", which I can hardly put down.  It's been a long time since I've been this riveted to a book, and I'm going to cut this short and get to it now.    


  1. It's been cold here too and the furnace has been on for sure. You did get more warm weather than we've had though. Next week they say we may see 70 degrees. I'm so ready for that. Enjoy your books!

  2. Nice site you have here! Yeah, Washington was a paradox - no question about it. If I has known him I know I would have respected him, but I don't believe I would have liked him too well.

    Tom Degan

  3. What is Crooked letter, crooked letter about?

    Loved your pictures of Bonnie out in the nice green grass.

  4. Lindie11:39 AM

    I'll be checking into Crooked letter!

  5. I'll have to check out that book! Our weather is unseasonably cold right now too; it might even snow a little tomorrow. IN WA!! I'm not very happy about this.


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