Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Cliff wondered yesterday why I had not posted an entry.  The truth is, I simply have nothing of interest to share.  Bonnie-the- cow is still happily munching away at the new grass.  Clyde hasn't found a way in yet, and may never find the gate.  It doesn't matter:  there's grass outside the electric-fence enclosure, it's just not as lush; and his mom makes sure to join the big baby and let him have his milk every couple of hours.    
You know the old saying, "In springtime, a young man's fancy turns to love"?
My fancy turns to baby calves in the spring, and I'm wanting a calf so badly I'm beside myself.  Of course, the ones available that I'd like to choose from are an hour from here, and we have no way of transporting a calf.  Plus the fact we really have no money set aside for the purpose of buying a calf.  So I'm a bit in the dumps over that.  

The tomato plants in my bedroom are growing well.  I'll probably harden off a couple of them and set them out early, with plans to cover them on the coldest nights.  

We're having fantastic weather and beautiful sunrises.  

Bonnie just can't get enough of this tender new grass.  I took two pictures similar to this, but in the other one, I had unwittingly caught my husband taking a leak in the background (it's great to live in the country) right after our morning walk; so I chose this shot.  
I'm reading "Washington:  A Life" from the library.  It's surprisingly interesting, portraying George Washington as being just as human as the rest of us, with the same faults and foibles.  It's based in large part on his correspondence.  There are over a thousand pages, and at this time of year I'm not certain I'll get it finished in the two weeks I'm allotted by our library; but I can always check it out again.  With e-books, there's no option to renew.  
On this note, one of my readers who lives in Illinois is also a Facebook friend; she posted on her status that she needed a library card but couldn't afford the arm-and-a-leg she'd have to pay to get one.  Can you believe that in some parts of the country there are people who have to pay a huge fee for a library card, based on the amount of taxes they pay?  One of this lady's friends commented that it would cost over $600 for her to get a library card.  
This just doesn't seem right to me, and if my circumstances were like this, I'd be blogging about it and writing congressmen.  Meanwhile, I will be very thankful for my free library access.  
I leave you with a few seconds of Bonnie, grazing heartily.  She makes that grass look so good, it almost makes me want to try it myself.  


  1. Quiet days such as you are having there are a blessing. I'm always thankful when the happenings around here are just ordinary. I didn't know that all libraries weren't free either. I have always had access to one. They've been a part of my life ever since I was a young school gal and over the years I've spent a lot of time there. I do hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

  2. The things you learn here. I've never paid for a library card and didn't know people had to some places. That is a shame.

  3. well heck no pic of leaking husband.

  4. I like the way she swirls her tongue down there to help her grab the grass . . . and that grunch grunch grunch sound.

  5. Lindie8:47 AM

    If a library card cost that much, I'd just be buying my books at Barnes & Noble. Lots of good books in their steals and Deals! Right now I have 2 library cards and am not using them! Well, not for my Nook, I use one just for books. When I travel I use my Nook more. Right nowI have about a dozen books on my Nook and check every Friday to see what the free one is. Didn't take last week's. Not my cup of tea!

  6. Paying for a library card?? I think I just choked on my coffee. I had never heard of that before and you're right, I would not stay quiet about it. Makes me think of the kids... I would have been lost without a library card both AS a kid AND in raising my own.

    Sadness, sadness, sadness.

  7. I just about spit my tea out when you said you took a picture of Cliff "taking a leak" in the background. So funny!
    I have heard of people having to pay for a library card, BUT only when they are behind on their taxes. They have to pay their taxes before they can get one. I'm not sure if that was why it would cost $600 for a library card, but it would explain a lot.

  8. Bonnie would have my whole yard mowed in about an hour with all that munching. Vicki


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