Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cliff's at it again

It was almost time to go to bed last night when Cliff decided to take one last look at Craigslist.
"Well, lookie here," he said.  "There's a 1655 Oliver Diesel at Concordia for $3,500!"
Knowing that particular tractor tends to sell for $5,000 and up, and likewise knowing that there was more than enough money in Cliff's tractor fund for such an item (since he sold the pickup), I urged him to call about it.  There was no answer, but as I said, it was bedtime.
This is actually the model of tractor Cliff was looking for when he found and bought the behemoth 1855 Oliver.  He couldn't find a decent 1655 around, so he bought a bigger one.  Not that he's sorry of that, mind you.
Cliff left a message, and the man called back this morning.  Cliff asked the usual pertinent questions; the man told him the tractor runs, the front end is tight, and it needs a seat.  There was no battery in it, and no diesel fuel.  Oh, and it hasn't been started in awhile.
 So when we left this morning, Cliff took some starter fluid, a battery, and five gallons of diesel.

When we arrived, there the poor tractor sat, outside in the weather where it had been parked months ago.  I've lived with Cliff long enough that I feel quite judgmental about people who leave their tractors outside.  Abuse is what it is, abuse of the highest order!
This fellow just had a quadruple bypass a month ago, so he wasn't up to messing around with a tractor.  It was obvious he expected to sell it without having to start it up.  He said it's always been hard to start in cold weather, etc. etc.  He didn't feel up to working on it.
"Cliff can get it started," I told him.  "All you have to do is stand back and watch."
Cliff hooked up the battery, poured five gallons of fuel into the tank, and they started cranking.  The man grabbed the can of starter fluid and started spraying with reckless abandon (Cliff winced, because it isn't good to use that much starter fluid; later he asked me, "Didn't you hear those lifters knocking?"
Here's a brief video to show you what I'm talking about.

So, Cliff gave him half of the price to hold the tractor and asked him if he could deliver it; he agreed, if Cliff would pay him for his gas.  Hopefully he will get it here by next weekend.
And we now own four Oliver tractors:  one Super 55, one 550, one 1855, and one 1655.  I do believe Cliff could actually sell this one and make a little money... maybe.  He'll probably get attached to it, though, and just add it to his tractor harem.


  1. Ever though of opening a farm museum and charging admission? We had one to the east of us and it was quite interesting to walk through. They even had lots of old clocks in the house and let people go in.

  2. That man sure was using a lot of starter fluid. Since it has been setting that long he was lucky it started.

  3. I know Cliff is one happy man tonight!!! Enjoy!!!

  4. I don't know what starter fluid is, but it seemed like that tractor should have blown up as much as he was spraying it. Congrats on your new purchase!

  5. Glad to see a man who knows what he wants and has a wife that will let him buy it : ) It looks like a neat old tractor. Should shine up real nice.

  6. Tractor harem! LOL!!!! Thank you for the laugh Donna ~ it's been a long week and I really needed that. Tractor harem....LOL!

  7. If I was born on a farm, I think I would love it very much even though it is hard work.

    All that heavy machinery is so interesting. You're your own boss... you work hard for yourself is just cool!

  8. I know nothing about tractors, other than what I've learned here. But gee, I like the color of that one. Cliff will be nice and busy this summer.

  9. I got a big kick out of hearing the words "tractor harem" That's a unique way to describe Cliff's collection. Glad everyone is happy with the find.

  10. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Tractor harem :-). Love that.


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