Saturday, April 09, 2011

The weather has straightened up to the point that I can go outside every morning at first daylight and see which flowers are blooming, and what seeds have germinated and sprung up in the garden.  That's how I like to start the day.  
Once again I'm having quite a problem with my knees; going uphill or ascending steps is very painful lately, so that I limp my way along during much of our daily walk.  I think I'm going to have to let Cliff do the hills by himself, and I'll walk around on the level until he rejoins me.  
So here I am weighing the consequences of going to the orthopedist.  Unless I go, I don't know whether I have other options besides knee replacement.  If it's time for knee replacement, do I want to be laid up in summer?  We'd have to cancel our motorcycle plans, and I doubt that I could do much gardening while recuperating.  On the other hand, right now we have two insurances:  Cliff's plan from work, and my Medicare Complete; once he retires, it will only be Medicare.  I can't help but think about the people I've heard of who developed staph infection after knee surgery and almost died.  There are so many things to consider, but of course if I don't go to the orthopedist, I won't be making any decision.  
OK, my whining is done for this day; after all, it could be worse:  My knees don't hurt when I'm sitting or lying down.    
My sister, as always, brought back bushels of grapefruit from Texas.  They are especially appreciated this year, since there was no crop last year.  
Grapefruits must have been fairly cheap when I was a kid, because I remember we had them fairly often.  Mother taught me to eat them by slicing them in half, sprinkling a teaspoon of sugar on each half, and digging my spoon into each section one by one, bringing out a nice little juicy spoonful of fruit.  When I had gotten all I could with my spoon, I'd squeeze the half-grapefruit onto my plate, pick up the plate to my mouth, and slurp all the juice as though drinking from a cup.  I never did have very good table manners.  
Nowadays I stand over the sink or step outside, peel the grapefruit like an orange, eat the pulp from each section and toss the bitter membrane.  There's no need for sugar on these Texas grapefruits.  
If we don't go for a motorcycle ride today, I'll mow the yard.  It's looking pretty bad.  
I haven't been blogging as much lately, nor am I reading as many blogs as usual.  I guess I'm just in a slump, or maybe it's spring fever.  I don't know when I've ever been so happy to see spring arrive as I am this year.  


  1. I'll bet the operation with the insurance would be best. Marilyn has one new knee so far. Loves it but her Dr didn't believe in letting anyone else do therapy so she's not happy with the amount of movement she has with it. But on the flat she is pain free.
    No one has started mowing lawns up here yet but we're close.
    We went south for a while so that's why I haven't been around.
    Probably went by your place on our way to Corpus. (I-29) thru KC.

  2. from what I've heard you don't get to be laid up after the knee replacement, they want you to start walking the same mom is looking into 2 of those but is scared as well and keeps putting it off.but we have an example of her aunt who missed this opportunity and has been pretty much bedridden for years. she screams every time she has to get up.after a while they think you are too old for the surgery and then you are screwed

  3. Sorry you are having problems with your knees. That's something to really think about. Praying all goes well for you!

    I use to eat grapefruit just like you as a kid. LOL

    What a wonderful way to start off the morning! I enjoy doing the dame thing!

  4. I agree about Spring. This past winter just seemed to go on forever. We are not as nice here as you are there but still it is wonderful not to be freezing cold anymore. Tomorrow we'll be much warmer with close to 80 degrees and while it won't last at least for one day it will be nice. I've accepted the fact that although I can still do most things I don't do them as often any more and slower too. I think the weather must be playing on our knees as I woke up with mine bothering me this morning and I hadn't climbed any hills either. I hope your Saturday is a great one!

  5. Donna, here is my school email
    take out the xxx

    You are right I am fatter than you. I am only 5 ft. 5 inches. I was always normal wt. until I have the hys terror ectomy! Wish I had never had 5 years I looked 30 years older.

  6. Have you tried using Google to look up "knee replacement alternatives"? Depending on the cause, there may be other choices for you. My mom is in the same boat as you ~ she's had knee problems for years but lately, they're getting worse. Thank goodness she made it through the winter without falling.
    Oh ~ and I ate grapefruit just like you did, slurpy juice and all. I drank the milk from my cereal that way, too. Drove my mother nuts. =)

  7. Lindie10:38 AM

    Spring did take a long time coming and I, too, am so happy to see it. But my knees are so bad that I can't do much outside. I am trying to decide on the knee surgery or whether to have back surgery first. I was told recently the back pain was caused by a narrowing spinal column. I always thought it was caused by the way I walked.

  8. I'm glad you're getting spring weather and plant activity! We have a couple nice days(yesterday-today) then we're back to rain. Ugh. My friend just had a knee replacement and you have to get up and use it right away. She doesn't enjoy the PT, but it will give her full mobility. I would see the doc;isn't Congress talking of cutting Medicare? (making seniors pay more) So, I wouldn't take the chance.

  9. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I have a few friends that have had both knee's done...they all say movement has been the key to their quick recovery. Only one of them had a problem with range of motion, it was with his first knee replacement but he went on to have the other one done and is SO glad he did! Whatever your decision is, I hope you get some relief soon. Your weather channel forecast shows the temp as 86 and's in the low 60's here in the Bay Area with some clouds but so much better than the rain! I received the cookbook the other day...thanks again!

  10. I have knee problems too. Sorry about yours. I need 'em both replaced. Putting it off as long as possible, since nobody's really home to help me after surgery. We don't eat grapefruit anymore due to medicine hubby's taking. But when I was a kid my mom sprinkled salt on grapefruit before serving it to us. Don't know why? But it tasted good.

  11. I am wondering if - in the meantime - you have tried any joint supplements? I started them, but they say it may take a month to notice any change. Wondering if you have any thoughts on them.


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