Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last spring Cliff and I were in Sedalia and I picked up some really cheap gladiolus corms at Menards.  I'd never had that particular flower before, but at a price of $2.50 for a couple dozen, what could I lose?  I already knew they don't survive Missouri winters, but did I mention they were cheap?  
The flowers were lovely while they bloomed; one day last fall I had nothing better to do than dig up those corms.  I read that they should be kept in a cellar, and we don't have one.  So I put them in a container and went out to the shop where Cliff was busily puttering away.  
I asked him if there was a good place in the shop that wouldn't totally freeze in winter, and yet wouldn't get too warm if the heater was on.  I needed a place to store my gladioli corms.  We discussed two different locations, and I can't recall which place we settled on, but I went out today searching in both places.  
"What are you looking for?"  Cliff asked.  
"Remember when I brought some bulbs out here to store for the winter?" 
Of course, he has no recollection of bulbs or any conversation about them, and in fact got pretty darned huffy about the whole thing.  
My gladioli corms have disappeared without a trace, and I KNOW I put them in one of those cabinets.  
If I get new ones this year and dig the corms in autumn, they're going to the grandson's cellar where they (hopefully) will be safe.  


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Donna, you really should post your "hiding" places on your blog then one of your readers I'm sure would remember and could email you the location! My mom now emails me when she puts something away "in a safe spot"...now if only I can find the email when she needs it!

  2. If you find them, can you tell me if Monica's softball socks are with them? They went where? OH, I thought they were here. *sigh*

  3. You will probably run across them when it to late to plant them. Helen


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