Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A walk around the garden

These are the peppers and tomatoes I'm in the process of hardening off; I take them outside every morning and leave them in a place protected from the wind for four or five hours.  The tomatoes don't look so good, but as long as I watch them carefully and keep them watered, they'll survive.  

I know this because the two plants on the left came out of the same group, only I started hardening them off earlier.  Meet Gertrude and Heathcliff, as well as the two pepper plants, George and Gracie.  Don't they look healthy?

Red cabbage 

carrot seedlings

beet seedlings

leaf lettuce





  1. Gonna be some good eating at your house.

  2. Lindie9:38 AM

    One of my favorite things when I had a big garden was digging new potatoes. And picking peas. Loved potatoes and peas in a cream sauce. yum.

  3. It looks like it won't be long now and you'll be having some leaf lettuce. It tastes so much better as does everything when it's fresh out of the garden! I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  4. Vicki2:51 PM

    Your garden looks great, wish I could shop in your produce dept. Vicki

  5. Nothing is as delicious as homegrown produce. I'm loving your garden. I haven't had one in many years because of my bad legs.

  6. Every thing is looking great.


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