Monday, April 11, 2011

Ah, sweet Internet

Finally after about thirty hours, Embarq gave us back our Internet.  
It was only coincidence that I had bought myself some time for the Ipad a few days ago:  I wanted to acquaint myself with the workings of the thing so I'd know how to access the Internet if we are on a road trip.  Ipad does give you a sweet deal in this regard.  I don't have to purchase monthly access all the time, only if and when I need it when I'm away from home; normally, when I use it here, it uses our wi-fi.  It sure saved the day today.    
First of all, I wanted to call my orthopedist, but I didn't have her number anywhere.  Who uses yellow pages these days, anyhow?  Not that we ever had big city yellow pages, here in the boonies.  So I remembered my Ipad Internet access and surfed until I found Dr. Strong's phone number.  Sweet!  
Cliff was anxious to order the brake he needs for the hoist he got working and we hunted that up also; it should be here in a day or two.  With postage it will probably cost around $75 dollars, so that hoist is still a steal.    
My potatoes are coming up; I have my two pet tomato plants, Gertrude and Heathcliff, pretty well hardened off and ready to plant.  I'm working on two special pepper plants now; I've named them George and Gracie.  By the weekend, they'll be strong enough to go into the garden.  

I feel much more normal, now that I've entered a blog post.  I'll probably sleep well tonight.  


  1. I hate not having internet at first, but after a while I wish I weren't so dependent on it; a lot more gets done around the house/outside, plus reading and hanging out.

  2. Lindie9:42 AM

    I don't have an Ipad but I do have the internet on my new phone. I am learning how to use it. It's a pretty fancy phone. Good thing my daughter has the same one and my grand daughter knows how to use it. She's teaching me!

  3. I used up all my QuiBids trying to win an Ipad. Did you ever get a credit from them? I received a reply that it was a good idea and the suggestion was going to be forwarded to a supervisor.


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