Friday, April 29, 2011

Her name is Jodie

She is mixture of Jersey and Holstein, but she is colored like a Jersey; she's bigger than most pure-bred Jerseys.  She seems very healthy and lively.

Bonnie is worried about this new addition; I think she wants to be its mommy.

Are you my mommy?

Are YOU my mommy?

Little Jodie was scared of me at first, so I had to get her in a corner, straddle her, and force the bottle into her mouth.  Once she got a taste of milk replacer, though, she decided she liked me.
I wanted to name her after one of my favorite cows from the past:  At first I was going to name her Mary, after my best-ever registered Jersey cow (who only presented me with heifer calves all her life).  But Mary was a purebred, and this baby isn't.     
So I thought of all the mongrel milk cows I've had in the past.  There was Suzie, but no cow could live up to her reputation.  There was Koko, but that isn't a fitting name for a light-colored cow.
Ah, but old Jodie, a half-Holstein, half-Angus cow we bought from my parents:  now there was the perfect animal to use as a namesake.  Jodie, the cow we sold to a neighbor who then kept getting out of their pasture and coming back home.  Jodie, the cow who always started peeing when she let down her milk as I was milking her.  
So Jodie it is.  God willing, you'll be seeing a lot of her on this blog.


  1. Yea!! I knew you would do it! Jodie is the perfect name. She is beautiful.

  2. She is a beauty. Helen


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