Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cliff's purchase

I realize most of my readers are ladies and don't know a hoist from a joist (just like me).  We're heading to Platte City in a few minutes, but I came back to leave a link to an item like Cliff bought.  Notice the prices, although Cliff says you can get a used one for $1,000 sometimes.  
That's why he figured it was worth risking $100 to buy something he would use a lot:  for instance, if he works on the blades on his riding mower, he'd lift it with this hoist.  He has a hoist already, but it isn't electric.  
To see the brand of hoist (it's a half-ton) we're going after, click HERE.  


  1. That looks like it would help him lift things very easily.

  2. Gosh from the look of those prices, if he can get this $100.00 one working he has made a steal. Good luck.

  3. You guys are the best shoppers in the whole world. I'd say you were frugal, but people don't consider that a compliment, even though it is. They think it means cheap. But it means someone who is economical, not wasteful, thrifty, a prudent saver -- I think I made my point. Definitely not cheap.


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