Wednesday, April 13, 2011

knee replacements and motorcycle riding

I'll try to explain this the best I can, since I've been getting several questions about it.  
Cliff and I have never had a wreck on the Gold Wing, never.  However, we've dropped it several times, I'd say an average of three times per year.  
Gold Wings are heavy beasts that don't turn real sharp.  So on occasion, say if we ended up on a dead-end road and had to turn around in the road, Cliff has dropped the bike.  We just pick it up and head off, hoping nobody was watching.  
Quite recently he parked in a parking lot that wasn't very level.  The bike started to go down before we got off, and he said, "Put your foot down and help me."  
I did, and we got the motorcycle picked up.  Now, this is no big deal as long as a person has the parts she was born with.  But you see, that's my left foot and leg we're talking about, so if I were to put all that weight on my left leg with an artificial knee, real damage could be done.  
It isn't wrecking I'm scared of; Lord knows, if we had much of a wreck, we'd probably have a lot more to worry about than my knee.  It's dropping the bike when it's at a stand-still (or turning sharply) that could wreck my knee.  
If you damage a knee that has a replacement, it very often can't be fixed at all.  You just can't always put Humpty-Dumpty together again.  
If we could figure out a way to afford to have our motorcycle made into a trike, I'd be a happy rider again.  
Believe me, I'm pondering that and hoping I come up with something.  

On another note, my cordless mouse keeps losing contact with my computer.  So I get another mouse and use it; then that mouse loses contact with my computer and I switch back.  This is the nuttiest thing I've had happen on a computer lately.  It isn't a battery problem, I switched batteries.  


  1. Lindie8:25 PM

    I'm having the same problem with my mouse tonight and changing the batteries didn't help.

  2. My Uncle and Aunt rode a motorcycle with a side car, after he bought another, she would drive the one with the sidecar with him. Just a thought... :)

  3. I see a lot of tricycles around here now, might be worth putting the word out that you are interested in your area. Sure would take care of the tipping.

    Your garden makes me anxious to get planting but seeings as we still have some snow it will be a while. I do have a crazy pumpkin plant growing out of one of my spider plant pots. Put a seed in there last fall thinking it would never amount to anything. Go figure!

    Wouldn't you like to catch the person in action who shot your cottonwood tree?!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

    We have a hoist here in the garage as we need it to lift the two big commercial size lawnmowers that we use here at the house and Dad uses to do his lawn business. Couldn't be without them!!!

    Good that you're getting that knee done, it will make your life easier. Mom had hers done a couple years ago and it has made a HUGE difference for her.

  4. What about attaching a side car? Those look really cool to me and would solve all kinds of problems. As for the mouse try repairing permissions... if you don't know how email me and I'll send you the process... it's simple...

  5. Scary thought of dropping the bike with a knee replacement!

  6. Oh... Now I see the problem. Both G and I rode lighter bikes. I forgot about how big and heavy the Goldwing is. A trike would be interesting. Have you seen the commercial for the trike with the single wheel in the back. I can't remember the name right now but it was like a backwards trike. Two wheels in front and one in back. Supposed to be really stable. The sidecar idea is pretty good too.... and you would have more room for things you pick up while on the bike like groceries! I'm sure you guys will figure something out!

  7. Today - July 5th 2013. I just got through nursing my HD back home after laying it down at a gas station. . I have two artificial knees and the right one hurts a lot after the spill.
    Maybe I should get around to the reality that guys with artificial knee joints should find a safer hobby even though I hate the idea. The cause of today's spill at the gas station was your typical no common sense whatsoever automobile driver BITCH trying to get to the gas pump before I did scenario AFTER I arrived at the gas pump first causing me to swerve out of her way and fall over. OH WELL, maybe the incident could have been avoided but as the proverb says - (SHIT HAPPENS). I was lucky this time around but next time it could be a hell of a lot worse in view of my artificial knees which don't take kindly to any on the road or slow motion gas station mishaps. . . I have some serious thinking to do before I take off to destinations unknown again. Furthermore, my motorcycle is a highly customized HD with loads of pretty chrome parts that suffered damage requiring replacement parts in the order of a least $1,500.00 to fix everything correctly. Anyway, there you have it - ride safe everybody. By, Wounded Rider


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