Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In the summer and fall of 2008, when we first moved out behind the barn, I went crazy with flowers, and planted several different kinds of  daffodils.  

  I brought these from our old yard; the original bulbs were given to me by Diane, a neighbor down the road.  Maybe these are jonquils instead of daffodils; you can read about the differences HERE.  
I kept looking at catalogs from nurseries and ordered flowers as if there was no tomorrow.  I purchased an assortment package of daffodil bulbs which are still surprising me in the spring.  

This one is different.  

Absolutely lovely! 

After the winter we've had, we deserve all this color.  

While I was poking around in the flower bed, I noticed a group of strange plants emerging from the ground.  There were several of them, all alike, so I knew they had to be something I had planted and forgotten.  

I recall being fascinated with pictures of Asiatic lilies last summer, so I think that's what these are.  

I looked up this picture of asiatic lilies online; these resemble my emerging plants.  However, I have little recollection of ordering them or planting them.  

It's no wonder I lost my gladiolus corms.    

These days, when a flower catalog shows up in the mail, I discard it without looking at a single page.  I have enough flowers!


  1. Love the Asian lilies! I need to plant more daffodils and tulips though. I keep saying I'm going to and then don't. Fall is the time to plant them and I'm determined to make that happen this year. We have Asian lilies growing in a couple of places, then the day lilies and the other lilies come out in May/June. Love the blooms and excited to see it each year!

  2. I love tulips and daffodils; I need to plant some!! I have two beautiful lilies in the front, an orange one and the Stargazer. :)

  3. Whoever owned this place before us was apparently a flower nut. There are easter lilies and surprise lilies and irises and tulips and daffodils and hen and chickens (whatever that is) and all sorts of things I have no idea what they are or where they come from. Two lavender bushes and three or four rose bushes. If I let it go or encouraged it, this place would look like an FTD factory.

  4. I have so many things stuck away in a safe places and I've spent many hours in the research department. If I ever found them all I'd be a rich lady for sure. All your flowers are delightful. Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!

  5. I absolutely love lilies. But the asiatic lilies are my favorites. Their stems are so interesting. And their flowers magnificant. The few I have are up and blooming already. They are orange and burgandy. Hope we don't get any frost to ruin them.

  6. The daffodils are so pretty! I'll be hoping your surgery goes well!!

  7. Your flowers are so pretty. Those plants look like some kind of Lilies. Bet you are right about what kind.


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