Saturday, June 26, 2010

Slideshow from the Oliver gathering

When you go to an Oliver tractor show, you see several different brand names and colors:  You'll see old, dark-green Hart-Parr tractors; that's the company that eventually became Oliver.  There are yellow Cletrac dozers and tractors, manufactured by Cleveland Tractor company, which was eventually bought out by Oliver.
There's a red Canadian Oliver that for some reason wasn't called Oliver at all.  It's name makes me want to laugh, for some reason:  Cockshutt.
The Oliver company merged with White in the mid-1970's, and soon there were no more tractors with the Oliver name on them.  I've made up a slide-show of various tractors that fly under the Oliver name.

Here's the model I want, which looks exactly like one we had years ago.  Only this one is a little too nice and shiny to suit me.  I'd like one that Cliff wouldn't be afraid to use once in awhile.


Midlife Mom said...

Nothing like a good tractor! I love my tractor, my favorite thing to use it for is bush hogging. Why do you hate raccoons so much????? :o)

Donna. W said...

MM, raccoons kill chickens and eat sweet corn from the garden. They have totally ruined the camping experience in Missouri's state parks, climbing all over vehicles and raiding coolers. One time my grandson woke up to find one in the camper with us, eating our loaf of bread. Large groups of them get right outside campers and tents and fight and chatter so loud it wakes people up. They are pests! Not to mention the fact that they carry rabies.