Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Big day yesterday

The old trailer house that we brought here for my mom and dad back around 1986 has done its duty:  Mother lived there until she decided she wanted to  move to a less rural setting, closer to her friends and Church.  Then a family of four moved in, and they lived there thirteen years.  Now they've moved, and you can see for yourself that the old trailer is ready for the bone yard.  

The roof my mom had some guys build over the house has lost shingles, and the trim is falling off.  The steps to the porch made entering and exiting dangerous.  The inside of the house is in even worse condition.  When electrical problems recently started in one end of the house, we told the people we didn't want to see them die in a fire on our property.  We told them to live here rent-free and look for a place, giving them a deadline four months in advance.  
Thankfully, they found a home.  I'm sure everybody is happy with this deal:  They have a more livable house, and our property value will raise the minute that mess is gone.  
My son is here from Georgia, and he and Cliff spent much of yesterday getting ready to move the trailer.  A neighbor boy removed the aluminum skirting, which he'll turn in for cash.  Kansas City Power and Light came out and removed the meter and line to the house.  The next job Cliff and Jim faced was to shut off the water line running from the well-house to the trailer.  At one time there had been a shut-off valve, but it had given up the ghost at some point.  So the line had to be capped.  
My son bravely climbed down into a pit crawling with slugs and spiders to do the dirty work.  He's used to this sort of thing; he spent time in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm.  

There was no shortage of observers and advisors.  

You can see the old trailer house in the background, skirting and porch now removed.  

Jim capped the pipe, and the deed was done.  Before you know it, there will be grass growing where once a family lived.  Stay tuned; the next chapter may be even more intriguing.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad your son was there to do the dirty work. A big job like that needs some extra hands and it looks like Cliff got some help. I know you'll be happy when the job is finished.

Hollie said...

I'm glad Jim is there to help also. Sweet of him!

Lindie said...

Yay! Your view will soon be improved!

Jess said...

Let the good times roll! LOL