Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The get-together last Saturday

I took a short video while everybody was eating last Saturday.  You can see and hear the rain pouring down over the chatter of all the relatives.  You'll see Cliff's brothers and his oldest sister, and nephews and granddaughters and my children.  
Later on Grandson Arick, who had to work that day, showed up, as well as Brett.  Also my cousin Betty and her husband, and a friend from the past we had not seen for years, with his wife.


MissKris said...

Boy, when you said you had company you weren't kidding!!!!

Helen said...

I could hear that rain and see it very good. I also heard it thunder. That was really a downpour. That shop is a great place to have the gathering. I hope you got all that food out there before the rain. Glad that Iris is feeling better and excepting other dogs ok now. Helen