Friday, June 18, 2010

Day lilies are starting to bloom

That's the good news.  And now for the bad news:  

Tomato blight already, in spite of the fact I've been spraying the plants with a fungicide ever since I set them out.   

Will I get enough tomatoes to can before the blight spreads and kills all the plants?  Blight has stopped me from even making an effort to raise tomatoes in the past.  That could very well happen again.


Helen said...

Your day lilies are beautiful. I hope you will be able to harvest some of those tomatoes before the blight kills the plants. Helen

The Guy Who Writes This said...

The blight lives in your soil, so it will likely happen again and again. We resorted to growing tomatoes in the greenhouse and replacing the soil in the bins every year.

Donna. W said...

Yes Guy, I realize it is in the soil. Although people I know in Wisconsin raise tomatoes completely without soil in their greenhouse and still sometimes get blight; he says it's in the air. I won't be getting a greenhouse. Sounds too much like work. I'm willing to keep tomatoes if they will bear for a month or two before blight gets them; it's worth the effort. If blight starts killing the plants before they get a chance to bear much, I'll throw in the towel. I do move them to a different location all the time, and next year I may move them totally away from the garden area to a corner of my back yard.

tipper said...

Oh no! I hate the blight-so far we're o.k. this year-but who knows! It does seem to help if you move the location of the tomatoes each year-but if you're like me-there's only so many places you can plant them and that ain't many. I hope you get some tomatoes before it takes over.

Your lilies are so pretty : )