Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morning activities

We've been using a huge borrowed pet taxi for Iris to sleep in at night; it's been beside our bed, taking up an incredible amount of room.  Iris had no complaints about it; if I told her to go to bed and the door of the taxi was almost closed, she'd stick her nose in and open the door, squeezing through.  
We also have a too-small pet taxi that we used to transport Sadie in the car; Iris is the same size Sadie was, so that one is too small for her to use as a bed, although it works fine for taking her someplace in the car.  
I've been watching garage sales for a just-right-sized pet taxi Iris can comfortably sleep in; I certainly didn't intend to pay the price for a new one.  
Cliff was putting some stuff in a storage shed in the pasture and noticed a pet carrier back in the shadows.  "Did you know there's a dog crate down there that's the size you want?"
Neither of us have any memory of acquiring that thing, but sure enough, there it was.  
The metal door is rusty, and I had to clean out lots of wasp nests.  It isn't the prettiest thing I ever brought into the house; but after some cleanup, I figure it will serve Iris just fine until we find a better one at a garage sale.  

This picture shows the difference between the sizes of the two pet carriers.  

On another note, this morning I plugged the electric fencer in and it was dead as a doornail.  Where it usually reads "14.4" or something in that range, it read "0.0".  We had not been using it for a couple of weeks because the removal of the old trailer house also entailed the removal of the source of electricity to our barn.  Yesterday the barn was re-wired to our box.  
Although I was fairly confident that "0.0" meant there was a worse problem than a few weeds on the wire, I decided to eliminate that possibility while Cliff was asleep.  That way he can go on to other possible problems.  

There definitely were plenty of weeds on the electric fence.  However, after I had removed the weeks, the fencer still reads "0.0".  
This electric fence runs along our side of the barbed wire fence between us and the neighbor to the west; his horses, lacking decent pasture, eat over the fence and lean on it so hard that they'd eventually push it down.  We string the electric fence along it in such a way that whether they eat between the barbed wire strands or over the top, they'll get a shock. 

 Our cows have a selection of any variety of grass or legumes they might want; so where did I find them eating this morning?  In the idle field Cliff intends to plant to grass this fall, where nothing but weeds can be found at the present time.  In this picture, Bonnie has a mouthful of the vine my daddy always called "Creeping Jenny".  Weeds!  My cows like weeds!

Speaking of weeds and vines, here is the trumpet vine I've been trying to get established for two years; it suffered a serious setback in the spring of 2009 when a nephew mowed it; I then marked it with an electric fencepost to keep such a tragedy from happening again.  This is a plant many people have warned me about, saying it's invasive.  So I put it in a place where it should remain harmless, and yet I can sit on my porch and watch when the hummingbirds are feasting on its blossoms.  I have yet to see a bloom, but I'm sure I will eventually.  
I recently put a "butterfly bush" in my flowerbed; I understand that's another plant that can sometimes be invasive.  I'm not worried; my husband loves to kill plants, and if it becomes a problem, I'll turn him loose on it.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have one of those pet taxi's in my basement that we used to use. It was far to big for my beagle but I used it then and now I'm hoping to give it to my oldest son as he just recently got a new puppy. He's a golden lab mix so the size will be right for him. One thing out of my basement anyway, still have lots more to go. I hope Iris likes her new bed.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Donna, the two things I'd check is the fuse in the charger unit. If that's OK check the ground wire. If that's good then you may need a new charger.