Saturday, December 28, 2013

One of those lost poems I found

© copyright February 17, 2004
Donna Wood

All in all, I've had a wonderful span
(For one who so seldom has worked out a plan).
I think of so many ways I have grown,
And demons I've conquered and angels I've known.

Something inside me has oft wanted fame,
And wished for more people that knew me by name.
But I've remained someone that most will forget...
Even demons I conquered, and angels I've met.

Too often invisible, I choose a place
In any available, untaken space.
Daily, my rhymes take their form on a screen
About demons I've conquered, and angels I've seen.

I’ve danced with demons and let them hold sway,
Unwittingly driving some angels away;
And I have reaped fields full of tares that I’ve sown
With demons beside me, and all angels flown.

Sometimes you can’t tell a foe from a friend:
I pray for discernment, before journey’s end.
At times, demons stood and applauded my choice,
While other times, angels had cause to rejoice.

Now, almost sixty, I'm fully resigned
To taking whatever sweet comfort I find.
The love of my husband... the search for a rhyme...
And angels and demons I've met in my time.


  1. That is a great poem, so glad you were able to find it again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You write from the heart and it shows.

  2. Fantastic poem - - I love it!!

    Concerning your previous blog post: I suspected from the very beginning that the Duck Dynasty thing was a publicity stunt.

  3. I LOVE this one!!!

  4. Like this one very much. Thanks for sharing.


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