Thursday, December 26, 2013

My new camera

This is what my new camera looks like.  I've found out it isn't really so hard to use as I figured it would be.  I've taken lots of pictures and videos of Cora when she's here, pictures to post on her private blog, so I'm getting used to it and learning when to change the settings, when to use the flash, and when not to.               

I planned to take lots of family pictures on Christmas day using my wonderful camera.  When I took it out to take the first picture, though, I was informed that the battery needed charging.  Well, OK.  I still have my little pocket Nikon, so all wasn't lost.  I came inside to start charging the battery.

The charger, which was plugged into an outlet the last I knew, wasn't anywhere to be found.  This really concerns me, because I know Cliff had no reason to fool with anything at that particular outlet, and I have no memory of moving the charger.  None.  Cora can't even crawl, and Iris isn't allowed in the bedroom.

Next thing you know I will go for a walk and be unable to find my way back to the house from the pasture.

I told the family gathered in the shop about my problem.  Rachel said, "But wait, can't you charge the camera by way of a USB connection?"
"I could," I answered, "if I hadn't chosen to disable that option."  

That's one thing that will change after I receive the new charger I ordered yesterday.  I will make sure the battery can charge by connecting the camera to my computer.


  1. I predict that the same day the new charger shows up on your doorstep, the old one will magically reappear.

  2. Joe, if that happens, I can always use two chargers... one for home, one for travel.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  3. LOVE the new camera. I'm always losing my charger too.

  4. I lost(misplaced?) the first charger for the Nikon D80 and had to order one. On Christmas, I "took" some great photos of the table and my parents and daughters, only to discover after I we were all finished and cleared up that I hadn't put the memory card back in. GRRRR.

  5. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that does that sort of thing. I haven't used my camera in a while because I can't find the charger either. I forgot I could charge it from the usb port. Seems like there is a charger thief around just like the sock thief that takes all those missing socks. I've resorted to taking pictures with my phone and they aren't as nice.

  6. Enjoy your new camera! I'm always losing things and then it will appear a few days later exactly where I had already looked.


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