Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've had a revelation

I've been a Mac user for four years.  It's been rather fun pretending to be a Mac snob, although I'm not sure it counts when a person gets into it the cheapest way possible, which means buying a Mac Mini and using the monitor, keyboard, and mouse I already had.  

I really thought I was a confirmed Mac user, until I recently purchased a new camera; the Mac wouldn't let me download several of my pictures and videos when I tried to load them, giving me some message about format being wrong.  When you are taking pictures and/or videos of an adorable baby, this can be very disappointing.  I had almost decided to return my new camera and get my money back, when it occurred to me to try loading my next batch of pictures to Cliff's laptop.  

They loaded perfectly.  Now just wait, I'm sure you're thinking it's a problem that could be fixed by taking my Mac to an Apple store and getting it tuned up.  After four years, I've probably done several things to mess up my computer, and someone with the proper knowledge could get it working just like new.  But I no longer want it fixed, and I don't want another Mac.  

Today, since Cora's grandmother from Iowa is watching her, I took my camera out to the pasture to practice a little.  I came back, loaded them on Cliff's laptop, and began trying to figure out how to get them to my Mac Mini so I could do a blog entry.  

Just to show you how stupid I really am, I have been unable to put the computers on a home network in such a way that so I can access one computer from another, here at home.  But that's another story that has nothing to do with the Mac.  

As I was thinking about emailing a dozen pictures to myself, suddenly a voice from heaven seemed to speak to me, saying, "Why don't you do your blog entry on the laptop?"  

I think I even felt a gentle hand patting my silly head for not seeing the obvious.  

(Cliff isn't here today, which is why I didn't have to listen to his complaints about my tying up his laptop, or his wise cracks like, "What's wrong, the Mac won't do that for you?".)  

I began to go through the pictures I took, deleting some, renaming the ones I kept.  I edited a video I took yesterday, and realized that I LOVE the way Windows stores pictures, putting them where I can easily find them and making it SO simple to rename them.  And I was reminded that Windows Movie Maker ROCKS!  

I'm glad I've had my little Mac experience, but I'm going back to Windows.  I even have my next Dell picked out (at less than half the cost of a Mac).  Who knows, it might be here in time for Christmas if I order it today.  

P.S.  The Ipad will always be my device of choice, so I do have that particular loyalty.


  1. Welcome back to the real world! Is it because we're too old to want the latest thing every fifteen minutes? Even though Windows 8 threw me a little curve when I first encountered it, I still love MS Windows and its logical file storage capabilities. And especially when I figured out I can handle my pictures just like I did in Windows 7 if I want, or I can view them in galleries - whichever I prefer at any given moment.

    And I gotta say, I'm pretty partial to my Android-powered Samsung mobile devices. I guess Apple can't have us all.

  2. Yep, yep. If anyone tells you that most programs work the same on a Mac as Windows or talk about complete compatibility, they are nuts. There are lots of great things about Apple products(durability, resistance to viruses) but I will always have a PC around.

  3. WELCOME back. ENJOY!

  4. The only things Apple in our house are the iPods. Of course I get Windows headaches, too, but I now it works better for me than a Mac would.


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