Monday, December 30, 2013

My blog is messed up.

Yep.  I've somehow damaged it beyond repair.  However, it seems I can still post entries, so as long as I can do that, I'm not leaving.  This little spot on the Internet is where I store my memories and feelings, and I really need it, just for me.  

Over the last few days I have come to realize that I no longer need a dog in my life.  I'm tired of the hair in the house and the needy-ness.  Once Iris is gone, I think I am done with dogs.  In fact, if I could find someone who would treat Iris in the manner to which she is accustomed, they could have her, but I think that is highly unlikely.  I've had one person say he would like to have her, but he was going to keep her outside, in a pen.  

I don't THINK so.  

Cliff and I ventured out to the city today.  I had him make a stop at Kohl's because I wanted some pajamas that fit, and I figured they would be marked down.  I was right, although fifteen bucks seems a little high for after Christmas.  But I've been wearing those old extra-large pajamas for a year now, with them almost falling down when I walked, because, you know, nobody sees me in my pajamas except Cliff.  But I am really tired of holding my pajama bottoms up when I walk.  My new medium-sized ones are a great fit.   

Athletic shoes were marked down, too, probably in anticipation of people making New Year's resolutions to start walking or jogging so they can lose weight.  I've really wanted to try a pair of Asics, but unfortunately, Kohl's never has them in my (huge) size.  So I bought my usual Nikes at a decent price.  

I would love to brag and tell you that this morning I was four pounds lighter than I was four days ago.  It is the truth, but tonight I ran smack-dab into a bag of caramel corn, so I'm not confident that things will look so good in the morning.  

Just keeping it real, that's all. 


  1. Sorry you blog is messed up. But I'm glad you can still post. We went to Kohls today too. It was amusing. It might warrant a blog post!

  2. You might want to try picking a new layout/blog design. Swap then customize or try swapping back. Sometimes that fixes things.

  3. Becky, that is the very thing that got me in trouble.

  4. Keeping it real is all that matters. Once you do that everything else will fall into place.

  5. I'm working on my second pair of Asics. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. Of course at my age it's hard to find any that really feel the way I want them too. Hope you get your blog straightened out.

  6. you should've bought suspenders for your pajamas.

  7. Glad you can still post on your blog anyway. I know what you mean...I feel the same way. I'd be lost if I could blog anymore. I haven't worn a medium in a long long time. It must feel good to be able to do so. Glad you found the pjs and the shoes on sale. Anymore if it is not on sale I don't buy it.

  8. That's frustrating. I like my blog to work the way I want it to, but have no idea how to fix it if anything goes wrong. I've seen teenagers with saggy jeans, holding them up with their hand--but never pjs. LOL I have some chips in the house tonight, which are my downfall. Hopefully my guests will eat most of them. :)


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